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Registration for the 2019-20 FVL Schools Band Program is NOW OPEN! All of our registrations will be done using our Online Registration Form. When you register, you will be creating a "Parent Account".  If you have already registered children for FVL Summer Youth Camps, you will already be in our system.  You will simply go to the "FVL Schools Band" section to register for band.  You will have the ability to register one or more students using this form. You will also have the ability to pay some or all of your fees from your account.  See our FVL Schools Band Payments page for more payment information.

If you would like to rent an instrument from FVL, please contact James Neujahr, the FVL Schools BandDirector.  We have some instruments available, but a very limited supply.  We do not have any bass guitars. Heid Music in Appleton, Green Bay, and Oshkosh also have an excellent selection of all instruments.

Here is information to consider when renting an instrument

Renting an instrument from Heid Music (or most other music stores) will allow you to build "equity" in your instrument.  Rent paid will apply toward the purchase of the instrument.  This method will allow you to purchase the instrument over the course of about two years.  If you rent from FVL, you will not have that equity in an instrument, and no money applies toward purchase.  We strongly suggest that you rent from a music store and then purchase your instrument.

  • The rentals are much newer and in better condition than the FVL rentals
  • The music store rentals also have a "maintenance and repair plan" built in - if anything happens to your instrument, it will be covered.  The FVL instruments do not have that coverage.
  • If you rent from FVL, you will not own an instrument when you leave the program or enter high school.
  • Flutes, clarinets, oboes, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and mallet/percussion kits are relatively inexpensive to rent/purchase.
  • French horns, baritone/euphonium, tuba, bassoon are more expensive to own - FVL will gladly rent these instruments if you can not purchase one on your own.

Here is some helpful information to consider when purchasing an instrument

Purchasing an instrument can be "scary"!  There are LOTS of instruments for sale out there.  How can you be sure you are making a good choice?

  • Craig's List/Ebay/Amazon/etc. etc. - BUYER BEWARE!  As with anything, you get what you pay for.  If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is!  It may be an instrument in need of repair, which costs more money.  It may be an older instrument that no longer works.  So if the price is way cheaper than others like it - don't buy it.
  • Wal-Mart/Target/Big Box Retail Stores - Don't buy musical instruments at these stores!  They are cheap knock-offs that may look shiny, and may be inexpensive, but they are not quality instruments.  They often don't play in tune or won't last very long.  In addition, if the instrument is in need of repair, you are stuck - most instrument repair shops CANNOT get parts for these instruments.
  • Student/Intermediate/Professional - Most instrument manufacturers have several lines of instruments.  The level you will want for a beginner is the "Student" line.  Once your child grows and experiences a love for playing and improves their skills, then you can "step up" to a higher level instrument.

Thanks so much, and welcome to the FVL Schools Band Program Family!

Use the Link below to access the online FVL Schools Band Program Registration Form.  BEFORE YOU REGISTER, and to help determine if you are Option 1, 2, 3, or 4, please read our "FVL Schools Band 2019-2020 Explanation of Fees" page in the link below.
  • FVL Schools Band 2019-2020 Registration Form

  • Please note -  You will be taken to a site powered by "LeagueApps", which is the registration system being used by FVL.  When there, scroll down and follow the instructions given on the page.