FVL Schools Band Payments

You now have the ability to make payments to your FVL Schools Band Program account by using our online form!

Link to your FVL Schools Band Account and Payments

You will be taken to your FVL Schools Band Accounts page.  You have the ability to view your balance at any time, and can also make payments at any time.

Please make sure your band account is paid in full by February 28.

If you have questions about your fees, please contact Krista Davis in the FVL Business Office.

Summary of Band Program Fees

Fees for the FVL Schools Band Program, inlcuding weekly lessons and participation in our Saturday group rehearsals, are as follows:

Registration Fee - $20 non-refundable due upon registration
Program Fee - $340 per year
Instrument Rental - $115.50 per year (for use of FVL-owned instruments)

Other rates are available for Home School students, or for students who have a private lesson teacher outside of our program.

Access the following link for a full explanation of FVL Schools Band Program Fees.