September 12 Update

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Saturday Rehearsal and Parent Meeting

We will be holding our next band rehearsal on Saturday, September 14. Once again, all of our Saturday rehearsals are from 8:15 - 9:45 in the band room (Concert Winds) or the Fine Arts Classroom (Cadet Band) at FVL. We hope that all of our students are able to participate in our Saturday group rehearsals. Even if a student cannot attend every rehearsal, we still welcome them when they are able to attend.

We will also be holding our FVL Schools Band Parent meeting this Saturday.  The meeting will begin at 8:30 and will conclude before the end of rehearsal at 9:45. We will discuss the fall fundraiser with a representative from Hansen's Fundraising, preview the schedule for the year, and will view the band's website and the information that it provides. We will also give you an idea of what volunteer opportunities you will have this year as an FVL Schools Band Parent!

The parent meeting will take place in the FVL Choir Room.

Updated School Lesson Schedule

There were a few edits to the Lesson Schedule.  Please check the schedule to double check which day lessons will be given at your child's school.  This new schedule is also linked on our Calendars and Schedules page.

Volunteer Needs - You can also check our Volunteer Page

We are looking for a few parents to offer their time as Volunteers and as Coordinators. An overall Volunteer Coordinator would be very helpful!

Here is a summary of positions we would like to fill:

Attendance - Parents to assist with checking in students as they arrive for rehearsals and concerts.  We would ask that you arrive by about 7:50 for this duty.  Once the students are checked in (by 8:30) your duty is over!  We have an Attendance Volunteer sign up form available.  Go to the form to see which dates are open.  We would like one or two parents for each rehearsal date to handle the check in.

Fundraiser - This duty would begin on Saturday, September 14 and conclude within a week or two after our drive ends on November 2.  We need a parent or two (or three!) who could work together with Mr. Neujahr to assist with record-keeping, answer parent questions, and send messages as needed.  Assistance is also needed on October 5 when the money/packets are returned and again on November 2 to help set up and hand out the products.

Uniforms - Two or three parents are needed for each band (Cadet Band and Concert Winds) on Saturday, October 12 to fit the band members with their vests.  Parents are also needed on Concert days to assist with handing out the vests and receiving them back again once the concert is over.

Upcoming FVL Schools Band rehearsal schedule

Rehearsals leading up to our November concert will be on the following Saturdays:

September 14, 21
October 5, 12 (Concert Vest Fittings during rehearsal), 19
November 2, 9, 23
November 24 - Fall Concert (2:00 PM - concert includes the FVL Symphonic Band)
Please note - the Packers play at San Francisco that day with a 3:25 Kickoff!

FVL Schools Fall Fundraiser Kicks Off this Saturday!

Our Fall Fundraiser will be starting on September 14.  Students will receive their packets at the rehearsal that day.  If students are not in attendance at the rehearsal, they will receive their packets at their lesson the following week.

AGAIN THIS YEAR - Hansen's has online ordering!  This will make it much easier to let your friends and relatives know about our fundraiser.  You will have the ability to forward a text with a personalized link that your customers will use to purchase and you will get the credit for the sales.  Online ordering wil also allow those out of the area to support our program by paying the applicable shipping fee and have it shipped directly to their door. Being able to use a credit card will appeal to many people and will require less cash/money coming to us in our student packets.

Hansen Foods also has a myFundR App that can be downloaded from either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store!  More information will be in the packets.

This fundraiser is also a great way to reduce your FVL Schools Band fees for the year.  20% of the funds you raise will go to the FVL Schools Band Program to help fund needed materials such as music and instruments, and 20% of the funds you raise will go directly to your individual accounts!  The other 60% is the cost of the fundraiser and goes back to Hansen's.

You can learn more about Hansen's at their website at

MUCH MORE INFORMATION will be distributed with the packets on September 14.  The Hansen's representative will be meeting briefly with the students in the Band Room and Fine Arts Room.  She will also be presenting the information at the parent meeting.

ONLINE ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS - This file will also be in the packets.  This document has instructions for registering online, App instructions, as well as the School ID that you will need to register.

PAPER ORDER FORM INSTRUCTIONS - This file will also be in the packets.  This document has instructions for how to fill out the form correctly (There is a sample order on each form to help clarify).

IMPORTANT INFO FOR FILLING OUT THE PAPER FORMS - The top three lines of the paper forms need to be filled out properly.  Please follow these instructions for filling out the top of the form:

GRADE/TEAM - Cadet Band or Concert Winds (list the band your child is in)
TEACHER'S/LEADER'S LAST NAME - Kramer (for Cadet Band) or Neujahr (for Concert Winds)

REWARD ZONE - This file will also be in the packets.  This shows the fabulous prizes the students can earn for their sales efforts!

Fundraiser Timeline:

FUNDRAISER Kickoff:  Saturday, September 14

FUNDRAISER TURN-IN DATE:  Saturday, October 5

All orders & money MUST be turned in on this date. To get your profit be sure to fill in the top 3 lines of all of the forms.  Please turn in BOTH COPIES (white and yellow) of your order form. The order forms will be returned to you on delivery day.

DELIVERY DATE: Saturday, November 2 • 8:00-10:00am

*** ALL ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP ON THIS DATE *** If you cannot be there for pick up, please make arrangements for someone else to pick your order up for you.  The product pick-up location will be the FVL Auditorium Stage.

ALL MONEY IS DUE: When you turn in your order.  Use the Envelope provided in the packet.


WELS Middle School Honors Band

For the past two years, many of the Wisconsin WELS grade school band programs participated in the WELS Middle School Honors Band Festival. We are happy to announce that we will again be having that Honors Band festival.  FVL will be hosting the event this year!  The date is Saturday, November 16.  Please note that there will be no regular Concert Winds or Cadet Band rehearsal that day.

We will be nominating our most advanced students for this festival.  You and your child will be contacted if he/she is nominated, and will also be receiving more information in the near future.

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