February 22 Update

Friday, February 22, 2019

Rehearsal Saturday, February 23

We have a regular rehearsal scheduled for Saturday, February 23.  Counting this rehearsal, we have only FIVE rehearsals left before our Spring Concert in April!

Here is the remaining schedule:

Saturday, February 23 Regular rehearsal
Saturday, March 2 NO SATURDAY REHEARSAL.  7th and 8th grade student Solo Festival at WHS
Saturday, March 9 Regular rehearsal
Saturday, March 30 Regular rehearsal
Saturday, April 6 Regular rehearsal
Saturday, April 13 Regular rehearsal and Band Awards
Sunday, April 14 Spring Concert - 2:00 PM

Well, another day, and another threat of an oncoming winter storm.  It must be Wisconsin!  At this time it looks like we will be able to have the rehearsal as scheduled.  The snow total for Saturday morning will be in the neighborhood of 1 - 3 inches.  The uncertain part about the weather forecast is whether freezing rain or drizzle will be mixed in.  The "really heavy stuff" will be coming Saturday evening into Sunday morning.

As always, it is up to the parents to decide if the conditions are safe for travel or not.

This is a good time to review our . . . .

Inclement Weather Procedures

If we need to cancel a Saturday rehearsal, please check the band's website for information regarding rehearsal cancellations or modifications.  If a rehearsal is canceled, a notice will always be put on the top of the homepage in bold red letters.   If a rehearsal is not canceled, but you feel it is not safe to travel from your location, you can always make the decision to stay home.  A notice will not normally be put up prior to Saturday morning, unless we know for certain that the weather on Saturday will not allow for a rehearsal.

If we need to cancel a rehearsal, a decision will be made BEFORE 7:30 AM and the notice will be posted to the homepage by that time.

I will also send out an email if there is a known cancellation.  This is not always the best, as some parents have work-related email addresses and may not get the message in a timely fashion.

Please note that there will NOT be a notice on radio or TV stations.  Your source for cancellation notices will be this website and an email.

Solo and Ensemble Festival Information - March 2 at Waupaca HS

For much more information for parents with students performing a solo, refer back to the DIrector's Update for February 7.  In it you will find general information regarding what to wear, when to arrive, and so on, as well as student soloist introduction and music requirements.

We have received a preliminary schedule for the solos.  Please be aware that the times on this schedule may shift one way or the other by a few minutes, but they will be relatively close to what is on the sheet.  The reason for shifting times is because between now and early next week the various school directors will submit conflicts with their schedules (due to students in multiple events) and then the final schedule will be published.

This schedule also includes names of a few students who have indicated they will not be playing their solo.  So if you see your child's name on the schedule, I am aware, but the information did not get to Waupaca HS in time.  So their names will likely remain on the schedule.  Removing names from a schedule would have a drastic "trickle-down" effect on the rest of the schedule, so it is easier to leave them in.

Early next week, in addition to the final schedule, we will also receive maps of Waupaca HS and other information.  That additional information will give us room numbers for each site, warm up rooms, homerooms, canteen menus, where results will be posted, etc.  That information may be posted on this website, but will be sent via email to all families who have students participating.


Note that this schedule includes both Fox Falley Lutheran HS (Fox Vly Luth HS) and the FVL Schools (Fox Vly Luth MS) times.


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