October 31 Update

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Regular Rehearsal on Saturday, November 2

We are down to our final three rehearsals for 2019! After our November concert we will not meet again for Saturday rehearsals until January 11.  It is especially important that our band members are in attendance if at all possible these last three weeks.  We are getting closer to "concert ready", but there is still work to do!

Rehearsals leading up to our November concert will be on the following Saturdays:

November 2, 9, 23
November 24 - Fall Concert (2:00 PM)

Please note there is no rehearsal on Saturday, November 16.  We are hosting the WELS Middle School Honors Band Festival that day.  All are welcome to the concert.  It will begin at 6:30 in the FVL Auditorium.

Lesson Schedule Change for November 7

Mr. Neujahr will be participating with the FVL Symphonic Band on Thursday, November 7  at two Veterans Day Programs.  The band will be playing at St. Paul, Appleton and Bethlehem, Hortonville for their programs.

Therefore, Mr. Neujahr will not be giving lessons at St. Peter on Thursday, November 7.

Fall Fundraiser - Order Pick Up

DELIVERY DATE: Saturday, November 2 • 8:00-10:00am

*** ALL ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP ON THIS DATE *** If you cannot be there for pick up, please make arrangements for someone else to pick your order up for you.  The product pick-up location will be the FVL Auditorium Stage.  We do not have the capability to store items not picked up at FVL, many of which are frozen food products.

Our Fundraiser Volunteer parents will be helping to set up and coordinate the distriubution of products, but if any parents are available to assist with the set up and/or distribution of the products, your help would be much appreciated!  The Hansen's truck will be at FVL by 7:30 AM.  Assistance would be helpful at that time to help organize the products on the stage, and also to help get the proper products to parents who may want to pick them up when they drop off their band students.  More assistance will also be helpful at about 9:30 as parents are coming to pick up their children.  So 8:00 - 8:30 and 9:30 - 10:00 will be the "rush hour" times when most parents will be there for pick up.

PLEASE NOTE for Picking up your order - the door at the end of the music hallway (next to the large garage door behind the stage) will be unlocked this Saturday.  Using that door may give you a shorter distance to your car, especially for those with large orders.  We will also have a few carts on hand that you can use to haul your products to your car.

Concert Vest Fittings

If your son or daughter was not here when we fit the concert vests, we will either fit them prior to the concert or possibly at an upcoming rehearsal.  If some of our vest volunteer moms could simply check with Mr. Neujahr and Mr. Kramer at the beginning of rehearsal, we could send out any students who still need to be fitted.  This process would take just a few moments at the start of rehearsal.

Attendance Volunteers

We are in need of Attendance Volunteers for November 2 (tomorrow) and also November 23.  We have one parent signed up for November 9.  Two attendance takers is better, although one can handle the duty if necessary.

To sign up for Attendance, go to our ATTENDANCE TAKER sign up form.

2019 WELS Middle School Honors Band Festival Updates

Saturday, November 16 is fast approaching!  For more background information on the Honors Festival, refer back to the September 27 Update.

Many of our volunteer needs have been filled!  Thanks to so many for their willingness to help out.  We are still in need of adults or high school students to assist with the meal preparations and serving.  Our three food coordinators have the meals and snacks planned.  All we need is additional volunteers to help that day.  As of today there are 2 of 8 spots filled.

Other spots that still have openings include Concert Ushers (5 of 8 filled) and Homeroom Monitors (0 of 2 filled).

A sign up form has been created at Volunteer Sign Up.  Go to the link to access the form.  Thanks everyone!

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