Spring Concert 2018 Photos

Monday, April 23, 2018

Thanks Miss Detjen and Mr. Nolte!

The FVL Schools Band Program sends a special Thank You to Miss Julie Detjen, the FVL Cross and Crown yearbook Editor, for taking these wonderful photos at our Spring Concert!  Below you will find just a few of the photos taken, including the "staged" photo from the stage, the group photos taken in the Commons after the concert, as well as some "action shots" of each band performing in concert.

Thanks also to all of our FVL Schools Band Members for their efforts at the 2018 Spring Concert!  Both bands performed exceptionally well, and can now close out our year on a magnificent "High Note"!

Thanks also to Mr. Nathan Nolte for livestreaming the concert and archiving it on the FVL YouTube channel!  You can go to the link to view the concert.  You can also send the link to relatives and friends who may not have been able to join us at the concert.

Link to Concert on FVL YouTube

Concert Winds PhotosConcert_Winds_2018.JPGConcert_Winds_InConcert_1.JPGConcert_Winds_InConcert_2.JPGConcert_Winds_InConcert_3.JPGConcert_Winds_InConcert_4.JPGConcert_Winds_InConcert_5.JPGConcert_Winds_InConcert_6.JPGConcert_Winds_Percussion.JPGConcert_Winds_Stage_2018.jpg

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