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Friday, February 16, 2018

Rehearsal on Saturday, February 17

We will have rehearsal on Saturday, February 17.  This is the same weekend as the FVL Schools Basketball Tournament.  We realize that some kids may be involved in basketball games as players or cheerleaders.  That is OK, and students should be with their teams.  Most students should be able to make some or all of the band rehearsal, however, and we ask that if it is at all possible to attend band.  Many band students wear their uniforms/warm ups on that day to rehearsal, which is totally acceptable.  Even if students arrive late or have to leave early, that is better than not coming at all.  Last year we actually had very good attendance on Tournament weekend, since most of the kids are at FVL anyway cheering on their teams.

Members of the Concert Winds will be receiving new music on Saturday.  For students who cannot attend rehearsal due to BB games, they should try to stop in and at least pick up the new music, as well as turn in music that was performed at Winterfest.

Here is a summary of our remaining February dates:
February 17 - Regular rehearsal
February 24 - Solo Festival for 7th and 8th grade students; No rehearsal for Cadet/Concert Winds

In the month of March we will only have two rehearsals on Saturday, March 3 and March 10.  Then in April we have three rehearsals, on April 7, 14, and 21.  Then we are done!  So there aren't too many rehearsals left before our Spring Concert. Please make EVERY EFFORT to have your band students at those rehearsals.

For more Solo and Ensemble information, refer to the previous Director's Update

Below are links to schedules, maps, and general information for the Solo and Ensemble Festival to be held at FVL on February 24:

FVL Schools Solo Times 
This schedule has the Site and the Times for our FVL Schools Events.

FVL HS Solo Times
This schedule shows all of the FVL events.  Many of our students have siblings at FVL performing solos or in ensembles.  If at all possible, try to attend some of these events as well!

FVL Building Map
This map shows the locations of the various Sites, as well as warm up rooms, homerooms, canteen, and information table.

General Festival Information
This document has lots of useful information, such as parking, building use, food information, equipment provided, and so on.

Volunteer Request for the FVL Solo and Ensemble Festival

We have had a very good response with the Volunteer Sign Up!  We are still looking for more help, however.  Please consider helping to make our day a success.  We are mostly in need of afternoon Door Monitors and Room Chairmen, but various other tasks are also in need of help.

Here is information and the link to the SignUp.com Form: Solo and Ensemble Volunteer Sign Up

I should point out that, when scrolling to the bottom of the sign up list, you will see the following message:
Displaying 25 of 42 spots for Sat Feb 24, 2018 Show more spots ยป
In order to see the remainder of the spots, you will need to click on "Show more spots". Most of those are the afternoon positions, so I just wanted to alert you to click on that to show the full list.


Schedule for the Solo and Ensemble Festival at Little Chute HS on March 3

Some of our FVL Schools Students will be performing their solos at Little Chute HS on March 3 due to their participation in the WELS Middle Schools Honors Band Festival on February 24.  PLEASE NOTE - the original site was to be Freedom HS, but has moved to Little Chute HS.  We have the schedule of the solo times.  Any other information, maps, and so on will be posted when we receive them.

FVL Schools Solo Times for Little Chute HS

Information for WELS Middle School Honors Band participants

Much of the following information was shared previously via email, but it would be helpful to have this information shared again.

Mrs. Temu will be our bus driver for the day!  Our students and Mr. Kramer will ride in a small Kobussen bus to the festival.  The bus will be at the Commons Entrance by 6:45, and will leave at 7:00 AM.  Please be on time for the departure.  The bus will return again following the concert.  Your son/daughter may ride the bus back to FVL (arrive approximately 9:30 PM) or you may give your son/daughter a ride home if you are at the concert.  Either way, please let Mr. Kramer know your intentions so that he is aware of your plans.  If giving your child a ride home, check them out personally with Mr. Kramer so we know everyone is accounted for.  If you are not there when the bus departs, your child will ride the bus.

Below are the documents we have received from Kettle Morain Lutheran regarding the Honors Festival.  Please read them so you are aware of what is needed for the day, such as what the students should wear for the day and the concert, schedules, meals, and so on. The Honors Festival is at Kettle Moraine Lutheran HS (KML) on Saturday, February 24.

Parent Letter
Student Letter
Festival Schedule

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