Update for January 27

Friday, January 26, 2018

Regular Rehearsal this week

Both Cadet Band and Concert Winds will rehearse this Saturday, January 27.  We are busy preparing our selections for the upcoming FVL Musicfest - Red, White, and Blues to be held on Sunday, Januray 28.

Concert Winds will begin rehearsal in the Auditorium this week!  It is always a pleasure to rehearse and perform in such a beautiful space.

Note that we will not have rehearsal on February 3 or 10, but will resume again on February 17.  Please make special note of February 10, as it was originally scheduled as a rehearsal day.

Musicfest Reminders

Our Cadet Band and Concert Winds will be performing on Sunday, January 28, for Musicfest.  Our three bands - FVL Schools Cadet and Concert Winds and the FVL Symphonic Band - will begin performance at 12:00 PM, and will be in the Auditorium.  Students should be at FVL by 11:30 that day to prepare for our performance.  Concert Winds members will meet in the Band Room, and Cadet Band members will meet in the Choir Room as usual.  Our FVL Schools Bands will be seated in the Auditorium between 12:00 and 1:00 so they can also watch the FVL Symphonic Band perform.  As there is lots of traffic through the hallways on Winterfest, student coats and cases should be brought directly into the Band and Choir room and not left in the hall.

Concert Winds and Cadet Band Dress for Musicfest

We will NOT be wearing our concert vests for Sunday's performance.  With the various activities available for students (Kid's Room in the small gym, Marionettes in the large gym, great food, etc.), we felt it would be best to save the vests and concert black and white for our more formal concert performances.

Students should wear "nice school/church clothes" for Sunday's performance.  This means NO jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.  Students may wear their black pants and white shirts if they would like.  Examples of nice dress would include dress slacks or khakis, polo shirts, button shirts with a tie, skirts or dresses, and so on.  Since the theme is "Red, White, and Blues," the kids could wear clothes to match that theme.

For more information about Musicfest (schedules, cost, food, entertainment, etc.) please refer back to our Director's Update from last week, January 20.

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