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Friday, January 19, 2018

Regular Rehearsal this week and next week

Both Cadet Band and Concert Winds will rehearse this Saturday and next, January 20 and 27.  We are busy preparing our selections for the upcoming FVL Musicfest - Red, White, and Blues to be held on Januray 28.

Note that we will not have rehearsal on February 3 or 10, but will resume again on February 17.

WELS Middle School Honors Band Festival

Congratulations to eleven of our FVL Schools Band members for being selected for the first-ever WELS Middle Schools Honors Band Festival!  For over 50 years, the WELS High Schools have joined together for the Honors Band Festival. It has been a wonderful blessing to all of our programs, as we look forward every year to making beautiful music and new friendships from across the country. Several of our Wisconsin WELS middle school programs are joining together this year to do the same. They include Fox Valley Lutheran, Kettle Moraine Lutheran, Winnebago Lutheran Academy, Wisconsin Lutheran, and Shoreland Lutheran.  The festival will take place at Kettle Moraine Lutheran HS on Saturday, February 24.  The Honors Concert will begin at 7:00 PM.

The students selected from our program include Kisie Temu and David Page (Flute), Keely Adrian and Becky Eveland (Alto Saxophone), Zoe Kraus (Oboe), Olivia Race (Trumpet), Leah Nolte and Kurt Kubek (French Horn), Ryan Feuerstahler (Euphonium), Jasmine Sixel (Electric Bass), and Ben Grady (Percussion).

Important message for parents of 7th and 8th graders

Most of our 7th and 8th grade students are preparing solos for the Solo and Ensemble Festival to be held at FVL on Saturday, February 24.  For more information on this topic, refer to the information below (Solo Music for 7th and 8th Grade Students).

Some of our students who were selected for the WELS Middle School Honors Band Festival will be playing their solos on March 3 at Freedom HS.

Mr. Neujahr will be registering these solos with the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) next week, with all entries completed by Thursday, January 25.  Mr. Kramer and Mr. Neujahr have most of the information necessary, such as solo titles, accompmanists, and so on.

IMPORTANT - if your son or daughter will NOT be performing their solo on February 25, let Mr. Neujahr know immediately.  The FVL Schools Band Program covers the $10 registration fee, but we would rather not pay that if students will not be attending.

Solo Music for our 7th and 8th Grade Students

Before Christmas vacation, Mr. Kramer and Mr. Neujahr handed out solo music to the 7th and 8th grade band students.  This music will be played on Saturday, February 24, at the WSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival which will take place at FVL.  Our students have the opportunity to play their solo and receive a rating, and will be given a medal for their efforts as well!  This is the same event in which all of our high school band students will participate.  Individual performance times will not be known until about two weeks in advance.

Mr. Kramer and Mr. Neujahr have been helping the students prepare their music during their weekly band lessons.  Many of the solos the students are receiving are also in SmartMusic!   Mr. Kramer and Mr. Neujahr will be able to use the program during the student's lesson to aid in the learning process.  The students will be working on their solos in addition to their regular lesson material for the next month.

For now, the students have been given a solo book.  If a piano accompaniment is available (most solos have piano) the students will receive that shortly.  All students will also need a second solo book for the adjudicator.  They will receive those before February 25.  All of these books will be provided for your children, with the cost covered by the FVL Schools Band Program.  After February 24, all books will need to be returned to FVL.  You are certainly able to purchase the books if you would like to.  If so, just let Mr. Neujahr know and the cost will be added to your second semester statement.

An accompanist is not required for the solos, but it is strongly encouraged.  The accompanist should be a relatively strong player, as they need to be able to follow the student part as well as play the accompaniment without a struggle.  Parents, grandparents, older brothers and sisters, and the like make excellent accompanists!  Some students have even had classmates accompany them, but if it is a grade school student they need to be excellent keyboard players.

Musicfest Reminders

Our Cadet Band and Concert Winds will be performing on Sunday, January 28, for Musicfest.  Our three bands - FVL Schools Cadet and Concert Winds and the FVL Symphonic Band - will begin performance at 12:00 PM, and will be in the Auditorium.  Students should be at FVL by 11:30 that day to prepare for our performance.  Concert Winds members will meet in the Band Room, and Cadet Band members will meet in the Choir Room as usual.  Our FVL Schools Bands will be seated in the Auditorium between 12:00 and 1:00 so they can also watch the FVL Symphonic Band perform.  As there is lots of traffic through the hallways on Winterfest, student coats and cases should be brought directly into the Band and Choir room and not left in the hall.

Concert Winds and Cadet Band Dress for Musicfest

We will NOT be wearing our concert vests for Sunday's performance.  With the various activities available for students (Kid's Room in the small gym, Marionettes in the large gym, great food, etc.), we felt it would be best to save the vests and concert black and white for our more formal concert performances.

Students should wear "nice school/church clothes" for Sunday's performance.  This means NO jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.  Students may wear their black pants and white shirts if they would like.  Examples of nice dress would include dress slacks or khakis, polo shirts, button shirts with a tie, skirts or dresses, and so on.  Since the theme is "Red, White, and Blues," the kids could wear clothes to match that theme.

So that you can plan around your student(s)'s group performance(s,) here is the large group schedule:
  • 12:00 FVL Schools Cadet Band
  • 12:15 FVL Schools Concert Winds
  • 12:30 FVL Symphonic Band
  • 1:15 Marionettes (large gym)
  • 2:00 Silent auction bidding closes (wave 1 - large gym)
  • 2:10 FVL Men's Choir
  • 2:25 FVL Women's Choir
  • 2:40 FVL A Cappella Choir
  • 3:00 Silent auction bidding closes (wave 2 - Commons)
  • 3:15 FVL Jazz Ensemble (Commons Stage)
  • 3:30 Wall of Giving Reveal (Commons)
  • 3:40 Choraliers

There are three performance areas, including the auditorium, the Commons, and the large gym.  Several area Junior Choirs will also be performing!  Here is a PDF of the Entire Winterfest Performance Schedule.

Fox Folk Marionettes (performance in the large gym) - This is always a big hit with the younger kids!  There will be plenty of time after the bands are finished performing to get to the gym on time.

In addition to this schedule, there will be food, small group entertainment in the FVL Commons, a silent auction in the Commons and large gym, and piano music in the large gym.  The entertainment is "come and go as you please", so feel free to stay for the afternoon and enjoy some amazing performances by our FVL Schools Bands, Choirs, and students from Fox Valley Lutheran HS.

Tickets are $2 at the door. All proceeds benefit the FVL band and choir programs.   As this is an FVL Passport Event, all members of the Cadet Band and Concert Winds will be admitted free to the event with their FVL Passport.

FVL Jazz Ensemble to Wisconsin Lutheran College Jazz Festival

Mr. Neujahr will not be at rehearsal on Saturday morning.  Mrs. Nogar will lead the rehearsal for the Concert Winds. Mr. Neujahr is heading to Milwaukee with the FVL Jazz Ensemble. They are paticipating in the WLC Jazz Festival. The Jazz Festival is on Saturday, with several other WELS high schools participating.  The day will be divided up with rehearsal time, jazz masterclasses, performance and section clinics, and the Festival Concert at 7:00 PM to close the day.

WELS Summer Band Camp!

Many of our students have attended this camp in recent years, and they have all had a wonderful time!  It is open to students who are currently in grades 6 - 8.  Most of the kids picked up a brochure for the camp at rehearsal last Saturday.  They will be available again this week at the attendance table.  You can also visit the website for all the information, including contact information, cost, and registration information at the WELS Summer Band Camp website.

The camp will run from June 17 - 22, and will be held at Wisconsin Lutheran High School in Milwaukee.

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