Hansen Foods Fall Fundraiser

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Our Fall Fundraiser will be starting on September 16.  Students will receive their packets at the rehearsal that day.  If students are not in attendance at the rehearsal, they will receive their packets at their lesson the following week.

NEW THIS YEAR - Hansen's has added online ordering!  This will make it much easier to let your friends and relatives know about our fundraiser.  You will have the ability to forward a text with a personalized link that your customers will use to purchase and you will get the credit for the sales.

Hansen's is a completely full service fundraising business located in Green Bay. They've been helping organizations, youth groups, and schools over the past 40 years - in over 28 states - raise funds for their various needs.  The FVL Schools Band Program is very happy to have Hansen's back again this year for our Fall Fundraiser!

This fundraiser is also a great way to reduce your FVL Schools Band fees for the year.  20% of the funds you raise will go to the FVL Schools Band Program to help fund needed materials such as music and instruments, and 20% of the funds you raise will go directly to your individual accounts!  The other 60% is the cost of the fundraiser and goes back to Hansen's.

You can learn more about Hansen's at their website at Hansenfoods.com.

MUCH MORE INFORMATION will be distributed with the packets on September 16, and will also be posted to our website next week.  Stay tuned!


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