Update for September 23

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Upcoming FVL Schools Band rehearsal schedule

We will rehearse this Saturday, September 23.  Please note that there will be NO rehearsal on Saturday, September 30!

This Saturday is also the FVL Schools Soccer Tournament at FVL.  Those games are scheduled to begin at 10:00.  We thank the FVL Soccer Program for delaying the start of the tournament until AFTER our band rehearsals are over!  Some students may need to leave a bit early if they have a 10:00 game.  That is OK.  We are happy that they are able to do both activities.  It is also OK for students to wear their soccer uniforms to rehearsal.  It is fun to see so many of our band students dressed in uniform on tournament weekends!

Rehearsals leading up to our November concert will be on the following Saturdays:

September 23
October 7, 14, 21
November 4, 11, 18
November 19 - Fall Concert (6:00 PM)

FVL Schools Band Fundraiser Update - NEW DELIVERY DATE

After consulting with Hansens, we are moving the product delivery date two weeks later to November 4.  This will give Hansens adequate time to make sure we have all of our products for delivery.  The original date of October 21 was just a bit too early to guarantee that we will have all products for delivery.  All other dates in our timeline are still the same as originally planned.

As of Friday, September 22, we have 17 band students already registered for online sales!  More may be utilizing their paper forms.  We have almost $370 in total sales so far.  Keep going - we would like to pass last year's total of just under $9000 in sales.  Our goal this year is to surpass $9500.  Our FVL Schools Band Program would see a profit of $1900 for needed equipment and supplies if we reach that goal.  Remember also that your FVL Schools individual band accounts will be credited with 20% of your total sales.  So if you sell $200 of product, your accout will receive $40 credit.

Students who did not receive their sales packet last week will be given the packet at rehearsal on Saturday.

Here are some online statistics so far:

17 days remaining in the Campaign; Campaign ends midnight 10/9/2017
17 Students have registered
84 Unique visitors to all student sites
$36.90 is the average order size per customer
$52.71 is the average amount sold by each student



Fundraiser Timeline:

FUNDRAISER Kickoff:  Saturday, September 16

FUNDRAISER TURN-IN DATE:  Saturday, October 7
All orders & money MUST be turned in on this date. To get your profit be sure to fill in the top 3 lines of all of the forms.  Please turn in the TOP TWO COPIES of your order form.  The order forms will be returned to you on delivery day.

NEW DELIVERY DATE: Saturday, November 4 • 8:00-10:00am
If you cannot be there for pick up, please make arrangements for someone else to pick your order up for you.

ALL MONEY IS DUE: When you turn in your order.


ONLINE ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS - This file is also in the packets.  This document has instructions for registering, as well as the School ID that you will need.

New Volunteer Page

In order to make our volunteer information a bit more accessible, we have created a new Volunteer Page. Formerly, this information was included on the Director page.  Descriptive information is included with each section for Fundraising, Concert Vest, and Attendance Volunteers.

Gretchen Adrian, our Attendance Coordinator, has created an Attendance Sign Up form.  This will allow attendance volunteers to sign up for dates that work for them.  By going to the form, you can see at a glance which dates are filled and which are still open.  More information for attendance volunteers is given on the volunteer page.

Volunteer names and links to email have been added to the page.  This will make it easier for volunteers to contact each other if necessary.  If more would like to volunteer in any area, please email James Neujahr.  We would be happy to add you to our list of volunteers!

Concert Vest Fittings will be Saturday, October 14

We will fit the concert vests for the Cadet Band and Concert Winds students on Saturday, October 14 during the rehearsal.  A few moms or dads is all that is needed.  We have several moms who have volunteerd for our uniform crew, but more would be welcome on fitting day.  Thanks for considering this very important volunteer opportunity!

Then on the day of the concert (November 19) we would need our parent uniform volunteers to assist with distributing the vests before the concert and collecting them after the concert.


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