Update for April 1

Friday, March 31, 2017

Rehearsals and Performances for the remainer of the year:

April 1 - Regular rehearsal
April 8 - Regular rehearsal
April 12 - Concert Winds perform for WSMA Concert Festival (more info below)
April 22 - Final rehearsal and Band Awards
April 23 - FVL Schools Spring Band Concert

Jazz Class Reminders from Mr. Kramer

Just a quick reminder that we're having jazz class again now in April, both tomorrow, April 1st (no fooling!), and next week April 8. We will tackle that new piece the most, "Until I Met You". Also, working on solos will be important. No one is required to do a solo, but soloing is part of the "jazz scene." See you tomorrow!

Here's a link to the website recording of "Until I Met You."

Final Rehearsal and Band Awards

Following our final rehearsal on Saturday, April 22, we will be handing out various awards, including medals for students who completed books since Musicfest, WSMA Solo Medals, Attendance Awards, and the Director's Awards (2).  Our awards will be presented in the FVL Auditorium.  We would like all band students and parents to be in attendance if at all possible. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins (and other siblings) are also welcome!

Sunday, April 23 - FVL Schools Spring Band Concert
The concert begins at 6:00 PM in the FVL Auditorium.
  • Band members should arrive by 5:00 PM (Concert Black and White clothing), so we can hand out Concert Vests and Ties prior to warm up.  Cadet Band and Concert Winds will report to their regular rehearsal rooms at that time.
  • The students are encouraged to wear their medals for completing books to the concert!  It adds a special touch to the band uniform, and is a visible acknowledgement of a job well-done!
  • Students who were awarded medals for the Solo Festival are also encouraged to wear them for the concert.
WSMA Concert Festival Wednesday, April 12

You may have noticed on our schedule that the Concert Winds (NOT Cadet Band) are participating in a WSMA Concert Festival on Wednesday, April 12. That is not a typo! Participating in a concert festival is a requirement for our FVL Schools Band Program to be a member of the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA). Since we did not participate in a concert festival last year, we must do that this year.

This concert festival will be hosted by FVL. Parents from each school can begin to plan car pools to FVL that day and back to your schools following the festival. Parents and students can also alert their school's principals and classroom teachers of their absence from school that afternoon.

As this is a public performance, much like solo and ensemble festivals, all parents/grandparents/drivers for the day are most welcome to listen to the bands perform. It may be very interesting for you to also hear what the adjudicators have to say following each band's performance.

The Concert Winds will NOT be wearing their formal vests and ties for the performance. However, because this is a public performance, the students should wear VERY nice clothes that day, such as skirts/dresses, dress slacks, dress shirts, and ties (for guys who have them). We want to look spectacular on that day. Because of the logistics of getting all of our kids to FVL, having to warm up and prepare for this festival, it will be easiest to not wear our concert formal dress. Additionally, the other schools participating normally do not wear concert dress for the WSMA Concert Festival.

Here is a SCHEDULE of the bands that are performing that day. You can see that we have 9 bands. In an effort to minimize the time our students will be out of school, I have scheduled the Concert Winds to perform last. An additional requirement of WSMA is that each band listen to one other performing group. Our students will listen to the St. Martin Lutheran School band at 12:50.  Our students are also required to fill out a STUDENT CRITIQUE form.  You do not need to print the form, as they will be handed out at rehearsal.

The times for our students would be as follows:

12:40 PM Arrive at FVL - Meet in the small gym with coats and cases for attendance
12:50 PM Concert Winds listen to St. Martin Lutheran Band and fill out student critique form
1:25 PM Warm up in the FVL Band Room
2:05 PM Performance clinic with WSMA Adjudicators
2:45 PM Car pools return students to their grade schools

You will notice that, depending on which school your child attends, students will be returning to their schools either at the end of their school day or after their day has ended. Parents should make be aware of this, especially if the students normally ride a bus home after school.

In addition, some students may need to pack a bag lunch if they will be missing their normal school lunch because of the time they need to leave from school.

Parent Drivers and Parking - Thanks again to all of our parents and grandparents who will be driving students to FVL on April 12!  Your help is much appreciated.  You can drop off students at the East Commons Entrance, as they will be going to the small gym upon arrival.  After dropping off the kids, please park your vehicles in the south lot (along HWY JJ) as the east lot will be filled with student vehicles.

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