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Friday, March 3, 2017

Regular Rehearsal on Saturday, March 4 - Also BAND PICTURES

The month of March is a bit odd, in that we will only have rehearsal on Saturday, March 4.  Because of the FVL Musical, WELS National Band Festival, and Spring Break, we only have that one date available for rehearsal.  Because of that, please make EVERY EFFORT to have your band students at that rehearsal.

Here is a summary of our remaining dates for 2017:

March 4 - Regular rehearsal and BAND PICTURES! (see note below regarding pictures)
April 1 - Regular rehearsal
April 8 - Regular rehearsal
April 12 - Concert Winds perform for WSMA Concert Festival (more info to come)
April 22 - Final rehearsal and Band Awards
April 23 - FVL Schools Spring Band Concert

FVL Schools Jazz Class

Mr. Kramer is looking for an interested parent or older sibling who could play piano for the jazz class.  If you are interested, or have an older child (high school or older) please email Mr. Kramer.

Upcoming Jazz Class rehearsals will be on the following Saturdays, from 10:00 - 11:00:
March 4
April 1
April 8

Band Picture Day - Saturday, March 4

Band Pictures are Saturday.  We will be taking time during our rehearsal for the photos.  We will be taking formal group photos in uniform, so band students are to bring black shoes and socks, white shirts, and black pants for the day.  These items are the same as what they wore to the November concert.  To save time, they are certainly welcome to wear these clothes for the rehearsal.   We will distribute the concert vests on that morning.

We could use a few parents for both the Cadet Band and the Concert Winds to help with vest distribution that morning.  If you can assist, please let Mr. Neujahr know via email.

Here is information from Jyll Scanlon, from Scanlon Studios:

Hello FVL Band Families,
We are excited to have the opportunity to photograph your bands again!
Scanlan Studios will be photographing one Group photo and One individual photo for you to view. We will post your band's images by the end of the day on March 8th. You will receive an email with directions on how to view and order online.

You will have the opportunity to place your order until midnight on March 19th. Anyone that places their order in this first round will receive their order (from Mr. Neujahr) the week of March 27th.

Scanlan Studios will have the order page shut off for one week, so that we can process the first set of orders. We will then send out another email when we turn the order page back on. Any orders that are placed in the second order will be processed the following Monday from your order date. Any order placed in this time will have to pay shipping or pick up at the studio, only the first set of orders will be delivered to you by Mr. Neujahr.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you once again for letting us be a part of your picture day!!
Thank you,
Jyll & Sam Scanlan

WELS Band Festival - HOUSING NEEDED - Can you help?

On the weekend of March 17-19 (Friday through Sunday), Fox Valley Lutheran High School will host the 2017 WELS National Band Festival. We will welcome students and directors from 19 WELS high schools from across the country. Participants will come from schools in Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin. The festival will bring in approximately 110 musicians and 20 directors from around the WELS for a weekend of rehearsals, followed by a festival concert on Sunday, March 19, beginning at 2:00. FVL last hosted this festival in 2007, and we are very much looking forward to the opportunity again!


This is your chance to be part of welcoming these musicians from across the country to FVL and your home. Families are needed to provide Bed & Breakfast for groups of students Thursday evening, March 16 through Sunday noon, March 19. Groups can be as small as 2 and as large as you can provide for, bring their own sleeping bag, use your extra bed or an air mattress in a cozy room. There are many options to provide a welcome resting place following a long day of travel or rehearsal. In addition to B&B, hosts would need to transport students from and to FVL and provide an opportunity to join in worship on Sunday, March 19.


Details can be found on the Online Registration Form.


You may also contact the housing coordinator contact Shari Graham at sgraham2851@gmail.com920-841-2851 to offer your home to these fellow Christians.


Solo and Ensemble Results

The solo and ensemble festival for FVL and FVL Schools Band members was very successful!  In all, the FVL Schools Band Program entered 27 events, with 4 receiving a rating of "2" and 23 events receiving a "1" rating.

Special congratulations to Lily Krause (Trinity, Neenah) for qualifying for the State Solo and Ensemble Festival - for the second consecutive year! In order to qualify for State, a Class A solo must be played, and must receive the highest ratings in each category.

Here are the results for our FVL Schools Band events:

Natalie Mrczynski, Trumpet - 2
Kisie Temu, Flute - 2
Rebecca Nussbaum, Flute - 2
Anthony Higareda, Piano - 1
Anthony Higareda, Clarinet - 1
Zachary Thede, Snare - 1
Eric Kellerstrass, Snare - 1
Elijah Ellis, Snare - 1
Adam Hoban, Snare - 1
Jerrett Schuette, Snare - 1
Jacob Mindock, Euphonium - 1
Zachary Nogar, Snare - 1
Merrick Hirthe, Clarinet - 1
Keely Adrian, Alto Sax - 1
Kealy Doran, Alto Sax - 1
Lauren Hedtke, Alto Sax - 1
Rebecca Eveland, Alto Sax - 1
Jackson Becker, Alto Sax - 1
Jack Peters, Trumpet - 1
Jefferson Heyer, Tuba - 1

Marie Demler, Oboe - 2
Aaron Melso, Euphonium - 1
Brittany Thede, Trombone - 1
Autumn Vah, Flute - 1
Kurt Kubek, Horn - 1
Moses Enter, Euphonium - 1

Lily Krause, Lever Harp - 1* (going to State Solo and Ensemble)

The FVL Band and Choir students also did very well, with 6 events receiving a "2" rating and 22 events receiving a "1" rating.  Of those 22, 16 events are advancing to the State Solo and Ensemble Festival!

The following FVL band events advanced to the state festival (all Class A)

Tuba - Caleb Kolell
Horn - Stephen Funk, Maura Schmidt
Clarinet - Michaela Brass
Alto Saxophone - Erika Stensberg
Snare Drum - Jacob Junwirth
Electric Bass - Ryan Erdmann
Woodwind/String Choir
Saxophone Choir
Saxophone Quartet
Brass Choir
Percussion Mallet Quartet
Jazz Ensemble

Lesson Schedule for the Week of March 6 - 10

Due to the FVL Musical "Cinderella", there are some modifications to the weekly lesson schedule.  Mr. Kramer is playing lead trumpet in the Orchestra, and Mr. Neujahr is the Orchestra Conductor.  FVL will present three grade school performances this year - Wednesday morning, and Thursday morning and afternoon.  Most of our FVL Schools will be attending one of these three performances.

Mr. Kramer:
Wednesday - Lessons at St. Paul, Appleton in the afternoon instead of the morning
Thursday - NO LESSONS due to two musical performances

Mr. Neujahr:
Wednesday - NO LESSONS at St. Paul and St. Mark, Green Bay.  Lessons GIVEN at St. John, Wrightstown
Thursday - NO LESSONS at Riverview, Appleton


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