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Friday, November 3, 2017

Regular Rehearsal on Saturday, November 4

Counting this rehearsal, we only have three more rehearsals until our concert on November 19.  Things continue to go very well!  Thanks to all of our parents and band members for making such a great effort to attend these important Saturday rehearsals.  Due to a large basketball tournament this weekend, our attendance check-in table may be moved into the music hallway.

Rehearsals leading up to our November concert will be on the following Saturdays:

November 4, 11, 18
November 19 - Fall Concert

Our Fall Concert will begin at 6:00 PM. This concert will feature our FVL Schools Bands - the Cadet Band (beginning students) and the Concert Winds (students with more than one year of experience).  The FVL Symphonic Band will also play a few selections at this concert.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to see the entire FVL band program, from beginners to high school!

CONCERT DRESS reminder - please refer to previous posts from October for a full description of what our band students need to wear for our upcoming concert.

Following our November concert, we will not have Saturday morning practices again until Saturday, January 13!

Lesson Schedule Change for November 9

Mr. Neujahr will be participating with the FVL Symphonic Band on Thursday, November 9 and Friday, November 10 at several Veteran's Programs.  On Thursday, the FVL Symphonic Band will be playing at St. Paul, Appleton and Bethlehem, Hortonville for their programs. Then on Friday, the band will play for the FVL Veteran's Day service.

Therefore, Mr. Neujahr will not be giving lessons at St. Peter or Riverview on Thursday, November 9. He will be giving lessons as normal on Monday - Wednesday.

Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin (LVW) Preview Day only a few weeks away

Many of our churches have run a bulletin announcement with information for our upcoming LVW 2018 Preview Day to be held on Saturday, November 18.  The event will run from 1 - 4 PM.  All of our 8th grade band students are welcome and invited to attend, as they are all eligible for this awesome summer marching band.  In fact, a few of our 8th graders have already registered to attend this event!  Parents are also invited, as we wil preview our upcoming 2018 season, look at our performance and rehearsal schedules, and talk about how we distribute information moving forward.

Pizza will be served to all in attendance before heading home, so we want all attendees (student and parents) to fill out the Preview Day Registration Form.

Brass and woodwind students should bring their regular band instrument to the Preview Day.  Students who are interested in our Percussion section or Color Guard do not need to bring instruments, as the equipment will be provided.

All students attending should wear comfortable clothing suitable for physical activity (Marching!).  Sweats or shorts are perfectly acceptable.

For much more information about LVW and what it has to offer, visit our Homepage.

Parents and students who are Facebook users may want to check our our LVW Facebook Page.  There you will see lots of pictures from previous years and the activities of our LVW members.

For MUCH more information about this wonderful program, please refer to the LVW POST.

Fall Fundraiser Product Pick Up on Saturday, November 4

The products that were ordered for the Fall Fundraiser are going to be delivered to FVL for pickup on Saturday, November 4.   If you can not be there that day to pick up your products, please make arrangements with somebody else to pick up the products, such as another family from your school or church, grandparents, etc.  FVL does not have the ability to store these items, many of which are frozen food products.

Pickup information is as follows:

Date:  Saturday, November 4
Time:  From 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Place:  FVL Auditorium Stage

Our Fundraiser Volunteer parents will be helping to set up and coordinate the distriubution of products, but If any parents are available to assist with the set up and/or distribution of the products, your help would be much appreciated!  The Hansen's truck will be at FVL by about 7:30 AM.  Assistance would be helpful at that time to help organize the products on the stage, and also to help get the proper products to parents who may want to pick them up when they drop off their band students.  More assistance will also be helpful at about 9:30 as parents are coming to pick up their children.  So 8:00 - 8:30 and 9:30 - 10:00 will be the "rush hour" times when most parents will be there for pick up.

PLEASE NOTE for Picking up your order - the door at the end of the music hallway (next to the large garage door behind the stage) will be unlocked this Saturday.  Using that door may give you a shorter distance to your car, especially for those with large orders.  We will also have a few carts on hand that you can use to haul your products to your car.

Fundraiser Results - Amazing!

A HUGE thank you to all of our FVL Schools Band members and their parents for again making this year's Fall Fundraiser a success!  The totals are in, we have AGAIN surpassed the previous year's total.  For the first time, we set a goal in retail sales.  It was $9500, and I am happy to report that we MET OUR GOAL!  Here is a breakdown of the past few years and the fundraiser results for this year:

Total number of FVL Schools Band students who participated
2013 - 26
2014 - 41
2015 - 42
2016 - 41
2017 - 38

Total Retail Dollars Ordered
2013 - $4953.50
2014 - $7557.00
2015 - $8261.50
2016 - $8982.00
2017 - $9543.00!

Net Profit for FVL Schools Band program and its members - In past years our profit was 50%, but due to increased costs our profit is now 40% of the total sales, so our net profit is a bit lower than last year even though we had greater total retail sales.
2013 - $2476.75
2014 - $3778.50
2015 - $4130.75
2016 - $4491.00
2017 - $3874.20

Of the $3874.20 in profit, 20%, or $1908.60 will go into the FVL Schools Band account, and $1908.60 will go directly into the individual student accounts.  That money will be used to offset semester one band fees.  Six of our students will realize a benefit of over $100 for their band account, while ten more will see benefits of between $50 and $100.

An FVL Schools Band account statement will be sent out in the next few weeks with the profit subtracted from your account.  You can delay paying your fees until after receiving that statement.  First semester payments should be paid as soon after you receive that statement as possible.

Not only do the students get the benefit of a reduction in their student fees, but they also earned Fabulous Prizes for their efforts!  Students who sold 10 - 19 items will receive the "Pop Socket" for their phone or device;  20 - 29 items sold will earn a "5 pound bag of Gummi Bears"; 30 - 39 items earns a "Bluetooth compatible VR Box 3D Viewer with Remote", 40 - 49 items earns "Megabud Bluetooth Ear Buds"; and 50 or more earns a "Smartwatch"! Pretty exciting!  Overall, 12 students earned the Pop Socket; 7 earned the Gummi Bears; 3 earned the VR Box 3D Viewer; 2 earned the Megabud Ear Buds; and  3 students earned the Smartwatch!

Here are the eight students who sold at least 30 items, in alphabetical order: Miranda Gehl, Tegan Kuehl, Courtney Kufahl, Ella Lornson, Trinity Mulder, Isaac/Jasmine Sixel, Zachary Thede, and Blake Vanderhoof.

Special thanks go to Vicki Bokelman and Cindy Countney, the Hansen's representatives who did such a great job organizing the fundraiser.  We also want to thank our Fundraiser Volunteer team consisting of Martha Baldwin, Nathan Kaschner, and Roxanne Theimer!


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