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Friday, September 30, 2016

Rehearsals resume this week

After a week off, we are back for rehearsal on Saturday, October 1.  Conting this rehearsal, we only have six more rehearsals until our concert on November 20.  Things continue to go very well!  Thanks to all of our parents and band members for making such a great effort to attend these important Saturday rehearsals.

This week is also the Martin Luther Soccer Tournament in Neenah.  Thanks to the parents who let me know via email of their child missing this rehearsal.  I know it is impossible to be at two places at one time!  I do appreciate the fact that our kids are participating in all kinds of activities.  That makes for a well-rounded student!  Also thanks to some of our families who will be attending band rehearsal before heading to the tournament.  Every little bit helps!

Hansens Fall Fundraiser packets due this Saturday

It sounds like the sales have gone well!  Many of the kids have commented at their lesson of their intention to win the 5 pound bag of gummie bears! I have also had a few reports of students reaching that 45 item plateau.  Thanks to all for your efforts in the fund drive.

Please remember that order forms and cash/checks need to be returned to FVL by Saturday, October 1.  The Fall Fundraiser Summary sheet is posted below.  It is important that we receive the packets this weekend so that Hansen can deliver the product on Saturday, October 15.  If your son or daughter will not be at rehearsal on October 1, please make other arrangements to get the packet to FVL on Saturday.  They can also be dropped off at FVL on Monday, October 3.  The packets will be picked up later that day.

If it will be impossible for you to get the packet to FVL by Monday, please Scan/Email the white form to jneujahr@fvlhs.org.  Then the actual packet/forms/money/checks can be given to Mr. Kramer or Mr. Neujahr at the student lesson this coming week.


  • All forms and money/checks should be in the White envelope (Student Name and Phone Number included)
  • School/Orgaization on the envelope should say FVL Band
  • Include the WHITE and the YELLOW form.  You should keep the PINK form for your records
  • All Checks should be made payable to FVL Schools Band Program

Likewise, it is extremely important that the products are picked up on Saturday, October 15.  If you can not be there that day, please make arrangements with somebody else to pick up the product, such as another family from your school or church.

Remember that 50% of the profit earned from this fund drive will be used to support the FVL Schools Band Program, with 25% of the profit going directly into your account to offset your fees, and 25% going to the FVL Schools Band Fund.  The band students can also earn "Fabulous Prizes" for different levels of sales!

FVL Band and Choir concert on Wednesday, October 12

The FVL Band and Choirs will present their Fall Concert on Wednesday, October 12.  The concert will begin at 7:00 PM and will last approximately one and a half hours.  The concert will take place in the FVL Auditorium. It would be fantastic to see our FVL Schools Band members in the audience for this concert.  I know there are many older siblings that go to FVL and participate in band and choir, so those students may already plan to attend.  Seeing the "big band brothers and sisters" from FVL perform is a fantastic way to build excitement for our FVL Schools Band members.  In just a few short years, they will also be a part of a high school band program.  It is amazing to see the progression from Cadet Band to Concert Winds to the FVL Symphonic Band.  The FVL Symphonic Band has some exciting music programmed for this concert.  You will not be disappointed!

Upcoming FVL Schools Band rehearsal schedule

Rehearsals leading up to our November concert will be on the following Saturdays:

October 1, 8, 15
November 5, 12, 19
November 20 - Fall Concert

As you can see, there aren't that many rehearsals!  Please do all you can to make sure your son or daughter is able to attend our rehearsals.

Our Fall Concert will begin at 2:00 PM (The Packers play an evening game at 7:30 that day!). This concert will feature our FVL Schools Bands - the Cadet Band (beginning students) and the Concert Winds (students with more than one year of experience). The full Concert Winds will play a few selections.  This year we are also dividing the Concert Winds into two bands, giving our second, third, and fourth year students an opportunity to play music more closely matched to their progress in the lesson books.  The FVL Symphonic Band will also play a few selections at this concert.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to see the entire FVL band program, from beginners through high school!

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