Update for September 17

Friday, September 16, 2016

Cadet Band and Concert Winds in action this weekend!

Both of our FVL Schools Bands will be rehearsing this weekend.  As normal, the Cadet Band will rehearse in the FVL Choir room, which is a bit further down the hallway from the FVL Band Room, where the Concert Winds rehearse.

There will always be a "check-in" table set up in the FVL Commons.  All band students should report to that table when they arrive so that we can keep accurate attendance records.  One of the directors, a parent volunteer, or student assistants will be there to welcome you and to answer any questions you may have.

This we will have a few items to hand out at the check-in table.  Two documents are also linked here so that parents have access to the documents if their child will not be at rehearsal this weekend.  A printed schedule for our Saturday rehearsals will be given to the kids so that you have a copy at home.  You can post this schedule in a convenient place so you don't have to go to the website.  A one-page summary of our Fall Fundraiser will be handed out at the table.  We will also have Heid Music pencils for the kids!  Some of them may already have a pencil, but we want to make sure that everyone has one handy for every rehearsal.

Parent Meeting this Saturday

We will be holding an FVL Schools Band Parent meeting on Saturday, September 17.  The meeting will begin at 8:30 and will conclude by the time rehearsal is over at 9:45.  If we get done early, you will have the opportunity to visit the band rehearsals.  It is our goal that as many parents as possible attend this meeting. We know that there are lots of questions as we begin the new year, especially for our large group of new parents and students.  The meeting will take place in the FVL Auditorium.

On the parent meeting agenda, in no particular order, will be the following topics:

  • Vicki from Hansen's Fundraising will give information about the Fall Fundraiser. Packets will be given to you or the students on this day as well.  We will explain further any questions you may have about the fund raiser, and you will find out how a percentage of funds you raise will go directly toward your individual FVL Schools Band fee account.
  • We will go over the rehearsal and concert schedule for the year and provide time to answer questions you might have.
  • The Parent Committee, led by outgoing President Kristine Keller, will inform you about the volunteer opportunities for the year (Some volunteer positions are still open), as well as other areas in which you can assist.
  • You will be given a "tour" of the FVL Schools Band website and what it has to offer.  The website will be the primary source for information - your "One Stop Shop" for all things FVL Schools Band!
Fall Fundraiser Preview

Our Fall Fundraiser will be starting on September 17.  Students will receive their packets at the rehearsal.  If students are not in attendance at the rehearsal, they will receive their packets at their lesson the following week.

Hansen's is a completely full service fundraising business located in Green Bay. They've been helping organizations, youth groups, and schools over the past 40 years - in over 28 states - raise funds for their various needs.  The FVL Schools Band Program is very happy to have Hansen's back again this year for our Fall Fundraiser!

This fundraiser is also a great way to reduce your FVL Schools Band fees for the year.  25% of the funds you raise will go to the FVL Schools Band Program to help fund needed materials such as music and instruments, and 25% of the funds you raise will go directly to your individual accounts!  The other 50% is the cost of the fundraiser and goes back to Hansen's.

You can learn more about Hansen's at their website at Hansenfoods.com.

Upcoming FVL Schools Band rehearsal schedule

Rehearsals leading up to our November concert will be on the following Saturdays:

September 17
October 1, 8, 15
November 5, 12, 19
November 20 - Fall Concert

As you can see, there aren't that many rehearsals!  Please do all you can to make sure your son or daughter is able to attend our rehearsals.

Our Fall Concert will begin at 2:00 PM (The Packers play an evening game at 7:30 that day!). This concert will feature our FVL Schools Bands - the Cadet Band (beginning students) and the Concert Winds (students with more than one year of experience). The full Concert Winds will play a few selections.  This year we are also dividing the Concert Winds into two bands, giving our second, third, and fourth year students an opportunity to play music more closely matched to their progress in the lesson books.  The FVL Symphonic Band will also play a few selections at this concert.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to see the entire FVL band program, from beginners through high school!

Band Handbook - Resource with lots of information!

If you haven't had the opportunity to view the FVL Schools Band Handbook yet, try to find the time to do so.  It contains great information, especially for new band parents. It may even answer some of the questions you might have about our program.

Lessons off to a great start!

Our first week of lessons for the new year is now completed!  Both Mr. Kramer and I truly enjoy this aspect of our FVL Schools Band Program!  For lessons, students should always bring their lesson book, as well as their concert folder and music.  There is usually time during the lesson to practice the concert music after the lesson book material is completed.

Just to clarify - if lessons are missed at a school due to field trips, testing, weather-related issues, or for other reasons they are generally NOT made up with a re-scheduled or extra day during the week.  Both Mr. Kramer and Mr. Neujahr have schedules that don't allow switching schools/days very easily.  What is important to remember is that we will have 24 lessons by the end of the school year.

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