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Friday, April 8, 2016

Remaining Schedule for the Second Semester

We are down to the last three weeks of our rehearsal and concert season!  For reference, listed below are our remaining rehearsals and performances for the second semester.

April 9 - Regular rehearsal

April 16 - Regular morning rehearsal for CADET BAND ONLY (see Update for March 12 for more information for Concert Winds and the Dallas Brass rehearsal/concert)

April 23 - Regular rehearsal followed by Band Awards

Sunday, April 24 - FVL Middle School Band Concert, 6:00 PM (Cadet Band and Concert Winds)

Dallas Brass to appear at FVL!  This includes UPDATES to earlier Posts

April 16 - the World Famous Dallas Brass will be here!  This day will include the FVL Schools Concert Winds and the FVL Symphonic Band students, as well as the grade school and high school band students from Manitowoc Lutheran HS and the members of Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin!

There are still a few spots open for volunteers on Dallas Brass Day.  For more information about volunteer needs and an online form, please refer to our previous post for MEAL VOLUNTEERS.

I have found a great video on YouTube with Dallas Brass playing Star Wars with a middle school band from Hutchinson, Kansas.  This is the same arrangement that our Concert Winds will be playing with Dallas Brass.  Mr. Neujahr has been using this video in lessons this past week to give our students an idea of what the song will sound like.  It would be great if you can help your kids access this video at home to help in their practicing the music for Star Wars.  They can play along with the video, or simply listen to it to become familiar with the music.  Here is the link to Dallas Brass Star Wars.

Following is a schedule for the day:

1:45-3:00 PM - High School rehearsal with Dallas Brass on Stage; Grade School Rehearsal in FVL Band Room (FVL Schools Concert Winds and the Manitowoc Lutheran Middle School Concert Winds)
3:15-4:30 PM - Masterclass with all high school and middle school band members in Auditorium
4:45-5:30 PM - Middle School rehearsal with Dallas Brass on Stage
5:45 PM - Supper for all participating band students (served in the FVL Commons - Provided by Music Associates
7:00 PM - Concert begins

On the day of the Dallas Brass rehearsal and concert, the Concert Winds will not have a regular morning rehearsal.  They are to arrive at FVL by 1:30 PM so they are ready for the Rehearsal session at 1:45.

Our Concert Winds will wear their CONCERT DRESS for this performance.  Since there isn't much time in the schedule to change, our students are asked to wear their CONCERT BLACK PANTS, BLACK SHOES and WHITE SHIRTS for the day's rehearsals and master class. The Manitowoc Lutheran Middle School Concert Winds will also be wearing their Black and White concert dress, and the high school bands will be wearing their formal wear as well.

Tickets will be $15 each.  Tickets are available.  Please refer to the DALLAS BRASS TICKETS post for more information.

Band Picture Orders

Please refer to our previous post for BAND PICTURES for information about viewing and ordering band pictures.  This online ordering site will be available until the end of April.

Final Rehearsal and Band Awards

Following our final rehearsal on Saturday, April 23, we will be handing out various awards, including medals for students who completed books since Winterfest, WSMA Solo Medals, Attendance Awards, and the Director's Awards (2).  Our awards will be presented in the small gym, as there will also be a large Seminar for Christian Service at FVL that day.  We would like all band students and parents to be in attendance if at all possible. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins (and other siblings) are also welcome!

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