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Friday, April 22, 2016

Final Weekend of Rehearsals and Performances!

We have arrived at the end of our 2015-2016 FVL Schools Band year!  How exciting to think of where we were last September, and where we are now.  It is always great to see the growth in our student musicians, most notably the Cadet Band and their advancement.  It really has been a very good year.  We thank the Lord for his continued blessings on our FVL Schools Band Program!

April 23 - Regular rehearsal followed by Band Awards

Sunday, April 24 - FVL Schools Band Concert, 6:00 PM (Cadet Band and Concert Winds)

Final Rehearsal and Band Awards - Update on location for the Awards

Following our final rehearsal on Saturday, April 23, we will be handing out various awards, including medals for students who completed books since Winterfest, WSMA Solo Medals, Attendance Awards, and the Director's Awards (2).  Our awards will be presented in the Auditorium, not the small gym as reported last week.  The Seminar for Christian Service, scheduled to be held at FVL that day, has been cancelled.  We would like all band students and parents to be in attendance if at all possible. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins (and other siblings) are also welcome!

Sunday, April 24 - FVL Schools Spring Band Concert
The concert begins at 6:00 PM in the FVL Auditorium.
  • Band members should arrive by 5:00 PM (Concert Black and White clothing), so we can hand out Concert Vests and Ties prior to warm up.  Cadet Band and Concert Winds will report to their regular rehearsal rooms at that time.
  • The students are encouraged to wear their medals for completing books to the concert!  It adds a special touch to the band uniform, and is a visible acknowledgement of a job well-done!
  • Students who were awarded medals for the Solo Festival are also encouraged to wear them for the concert.
Dallas Brass Recap

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone for making the Dallas Brass day a success!  First to our Volunteers, who brought desserts (LOTS of them - we used the extra for the LVW rehearsal the next day!), those who helped prepare and serve the student meal, and to those who helped with the clean up. Thanks to Brian Heyer for coordinating the student meal, and to Karie Mindock for her work with the Dallas Brass hospitality!  Thanks also to the directors from Manitowoc, FVL, and LVW for their work with the students and making sure they were prepared for the concert.  Thanks to the members of the Dallas Brass ensemble for their enthusiasm, professionalism, and commitment to excellence!  They truly were an inspiration for our students and directors.  By the end of the day, we all considered them dear friends of the FVL and FVL Schools Band Programs.  Fianlly, thanks to all of the students from Manitowoc, FVL and FVL Schools, and LVW for their attention during the rehearsals and Master Class, for their outstanding performance during the concert, and for "Letting their Light shine" througout the day!

Band Picture Orders

Please refer to our previous post for BAND PICTURES for information about viewing and ordering band pictures.  This online ordering site will be available until the end of April.

Band Lesson Schedules and FVL instruments

Mr. Kramer has concluded his lessons at all of his schools. His students will be returning FVL-owned instruments following the concert.  The exception will be for students who are taking summer lessons. They will keep their instruments until after their final lesson.

Mr. Neujahr will still be giving lessons this next week at all of his schools.  Students with FVL instruments will be giving them to Mr. Neujahr following their lesson.  Again, students taking summer lessons will be keeping their instruments until the last lesson.

The one exception for the final lesson will be St. Mark, Green Bay, whose students will have their last lesson on Wednesday, May 4.

FVL-owned instruments are sent to Heid Music every summer for annual repair and maintenance. Students who will be renting them from us next year will, in most cases, be given the same instrument next year.

Lesson Books Completed since the March 19 Update

Since the Update on March 19 the students listed below have completed a lesson book and moved on in our series "Standard of Excellence".  Our lesson series contains three books, 1 (Red), 2 (Blue), and 3 (Green).  We use the Rubank Intermediate or Advanced Method for students who advance beyond Book 2 in the Standard of Excellence series.  Please note - we are beginning to "phase out" the Green Book (Book 3) and have begun using the Rubank method books in their place.

Students Completing Book One (Red)

Pierce Krowas, Grade 5, Percussion, Mount Olive Appleton
Savannah Parsons, Grade 5, Clarinet, Riverview Appleton
Katelyn Zidek, Grade 5, Clarinet, Riverview Appleton
Ricky Knaack, Grade 5, Trombone, Riverview Appleton
Sam Plocher, Grade 5, Percussion, Martin Luther Neenah
Isaac Haring, Grade 5, Trombone, Immanuel Greenville
Aryanna Selle, Grade 8, Flute, Homeschool
Jessica Griepentrog, Grade 5, Trumpet, St. Peter Freedom
Ryan Theimer, Grade 5, Trumpet, St. Peter Freedom

Students Completing Book Two (Blue)

Ben Slominsky, Grade 6, Trombone, Mount Olive Appleton
Brittany Thede, Grade 7, Trombone, Mount Olive Appleton 
Jacob Mindock, Grade 6, Euphonium, Mount Olive Appleton
Anthony Higareda, Grade 6, Clarinet, Mount Olive Appleton
Keely Adrian, Grade 5, Alto Saxophone, St. Mark Green Bay
Kurt Kubek, Grade 6, French Horn, Immanuel Greenville

Students Completing Book Three (Green)

Hannah Nolte, Grade 8, Alto Saxophone, Riverview Appleton
Morgan Caswell, Grade 8, Clarinet, St. Paul Appleton
Adam Caswell, Grade 8, Trumpet, St. Paul Appleton
Nick Caswell, Grade 8, Trombone, St. Paul Appleton 
Alyssa Keller, Grade 8, Clarinet, Bethlehem, Hortonville

Congratulations to all of these students!  They will also receive their medal at this week's awards for completing their books. Students are encouraged to wear their medals for the concert this weekend.

Summer Lessons again being offered! - Update to the Post from April 16

This summer Mr. Kramer will again be giving private lessons to FVL grade school band students who would like to keep learning and practicing with their instruments. The lessons will take place at FVL on Tuesdays beginning June 7 and lasting until July 12, a total of 6 lessons. The lesson length is 30 minutes, and will be divided into 2 parts - continued progress in the student's lesson book, and preparation of a performance song with recorded accompaniment. I will video record the performance in the last lesson, and upload the video to my private Youtube account, and I will then send links out to students' families to view their performances.

I will schedule lessons for morning, afternoon, and evening. The tuition for the 6 lessons will be $90. The only other possible expense might be if students would like to own the popular song book they will use for their performance song. Otherwise I will retain possession of the performance books.
Ready to sign up?  Here is the ONLINE SIGN UP FORM.  Go to the link to enter your information.  Please sign up soon so Mr. Kramer can create the lesson schedule and get necessary information back to you.  Thanks for taking Summer Lessons!

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