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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Remaining Schedule for the Second Semester

Please check the FVL Schools Calendar for a full listing of the second semester rehearsals and performances.  For reference, listed below are our rehearsals and performances for the second semester.

March 12 - Regular rehearsal
Please note - on Saturday, March 12, the Cadet Band will rehearse in the Phy Ed Classroom, due to a large dance competition being held at FVL that day.  The classroom is on the far end of the Commons.  Take a right at the Kitchen windows and go past the tray return area.

March 19 - Regular rehearsal and Band Picture Day (see below for more information)

April 9 - Regular rehearsal

April 16 - Regular morning rehearsal for CADET BAND ONLY (see below for Concert Winds)

April 23 - Regular rehearsal followed by Band Awards

Sunday, April 24 - FVL Middle School Band Concert, 6:00 PM (Cadet Band and Concert Winds)


Dallas Brass to appear at FVL!

April 16 - the World Famous Dallas Brass will be here!  This day will include the FVL Schools Concert Winds and the FVL Symphonic Band students, as well as the grade school and high school band students from Manitowoc Lutheran HS and the members of Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin!

Following is a schedule for the day:

1:45-3:00 PM - High School rehearsal with Dallas Brass
3:15-4:30 PM - Masterclass with all high school and middle school band members
4:45-5:30 PM - Middle School rehearsal with Dallas Brass
5:45 PM - Supper for all participating band students (served in the FVL Commons - Provided by Music Associates
7:00 PM - Concert begins

On the day of the Dallas Brass rehearsal and concert, the Concert Winds will not have a regular morning rehearsal.  They are to arrive at FVL by 3:00 PM so they are ready for the Masterclass session at 3:15.

More detailed information about the day will be given in the near future, such as what to wear and so on.

Tickets will be $15 each.  Tickets will be available soon.  You will be notified when and how you can purchase tickets.

Picture Day is Set!

We will be taking our band pictures on Saturday, March 19.  We will be taking time during our rehearsal for the photos.  We will be taking formal group photos in uniform, so band students are to bring black shoes and socks, white shirts, and black pants for the day.  These items are the same as what they wore to the November concert.  To save time, they are certainly welcome to wear these clothes for the rehearsal.   We will distribute the concert vests on that morning.

Our Photographer will be from Pinnacle Group Photography, and will be offering several different packages for purchase.  It will be up to you if you want to order a package or not.  We do ask that all band members wear concert clothes on that day even if you may not purchase any photos, since we will be taking a group photo with all students included.

We will be receiving ordering information in advance of March 19.  Pinnacle will also be setting up an online ordering option.  That website should be available in the next few weeks, and the link will be posted when it becomes available.

WELS Band Festival this weekend

Mr. Neujahr and ten FVL Band students will be attending one of two WELS Band Festivals this weekend.  Mrs. Nogar will conduct the Concert Winds rehearsal on Saturday.  The band festival will be at Shoreland Lutheran HS in Somers, WI (near Kenosha).  The festival will include band students and their directors from several other WELS high schools.  Rehearsals will take place all day Friday and Saturday, with the Festival Concert at 2:00 on Sunday afternoon.

Congratulations to the following FVL Band Students for being selected for this year's WELS Band Festival:

Flute - Jenna Keller, Grace Fleming
Clarinet - Bryce Boughton
Bass Clarinet - Liesl Ragner
Bassoon - Emily Lillo
Trumpet - Sawyer Thorne
Horn - Harrison Krause
Euphonium - Mike Flunker
Tuba - Karenna Lillo
Percussion - Sura-attha Umasangtongkul

Solo Day - Well done FVL and FVL Schools Band students!

The solo and ensemble festival for FVL and FVL Schools Band members was very successful!  In all, the FVL Schools Band Program entered 30 events, with 4 receiving a rating of "2" and 26 events receiving a "1" rating.

Special congratulations to the following students for qualifying for the State Solo and Ensemble Festival! In order to qualify for State, a Class A solo must be played, and must receive the highest ratings in each category.

Emmalee Mindock, Piano
Emma Nolte, Piano
Lily Krause, Lever Harp

Here are the rest of the results for our FVL Schools Band events:

Caitlyn Graham, Piano - 1
Laura Esselman, Flute - 1
Brittany Thede, Trombone - 1
Aidan Kraftzenk, Snare Drum - 1
Moses Enter, Euphonium - 1
Jefferson Heyer, Tuba - 1
Emily Beyer, Flute - 1
Autumn Vah, Flute - 1
Lorna Caswell, Clarinet - 1
Alyssa Keller, Clarinet - 1
Philip Machkovech, Trombone - 1
Jerrett Schuette, Snare Drum - 1
Katie Slominsky, Electric Bass - 1
Ally Basken, Electric Bass - 1
Brynn Buchholz, Electric Bass - 1
Rebecca Nussbaum, Alto Sax - 2

Caitlyn Graham, Alto Sax - 1
Marie Demler, Oboe - 1
Jeremiah Butkovich, Bari Sax - 1
Aaron Melso, Euphonium - 1
Nick Caswell, Trombone - 1
Adam Caswell, Trumpet - 1
Morgan Caswell, Clarinet - 1
Jake Jungwirth - Snare Drum - 2
Benjamin Schaser, Drum Set - 2
Connor Lynch, Trombone - 2

Alyssa Keller, Piano - 1

The FVL students also did very well, with 8 events receiving a "2" rating and 24 events receiving a "1" rating.  Of those 24, 19 events are advancing to the State Solo and Ensemble Festival!

The following FVL band events advanced to the state festival (all Class A)

Piano - Grace Fleming, Jennifer Prillwitz, Sura-attha Umasangtongkul, Megan Gettlinger, Emily Warnke
Tuba - Karenna Lillo
Horn - Harrison Krause
Clarinet - Michaela Brass
Flute/Clarinet Duet - Nina Dubach and Michaela Brass
Woodwind Choir
Flute Choir
Saxophone Choir
Brass Quintet
Percussion Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble

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