FVL Schools Band Pictures

Thursday, March 31, 2016

We have received information from Scanlan Studios for ordering band pictures.  To view your pictures and to order, please use the following information:

Go to "FVL Band" pictures on the Pinnacle website.
Once there, you will need to enter the following access code - cadetconcert16

Here is the longer way to access the photos, if you want to navigate through the photographer's site:

Go to the Scanlan Studios website (http://www.scanlanstudios.com/)
Then click on the "Pinnacle Group Photography" icon 
Then click on the "Online Viewing" tab
Then click on "Sports/Dance/Schools"
Then go to Page 3, and click on "FVL Band"

Then Login and you will be able to see all of our pictures!

You can select either Cadet Band or Concert Winds to see all of the individual photos as well as the group photo.  Once you click on a photo, you are given lots of options, including purchasing photo packages or products with the photo, such as buttons, key chains, water bottles, posters, cups, and more.

You will have the month of April to view and order photos.


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