WELS Summer Band Camp

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016 WELS Summer Band Camp - Dare to Dream!

I have received brochures for the upcoming WELS Summer Band Camp hosted by the Soli Deo Gloria Institute.  This camp has been offered for several years for WELS middle school band students.  We have had many of our FVL Schools Band students attend in the past, and have all enjoyed the experience!  The camp will be held from June 19 - 24, 2016, and will take place at Wisconsin Lutheran High School in Milwaukee, WI.  The camp offers many opportunities, including music rehearsals, devotions in God's Word, leadership activities, visual and theater arts experiences, Cool Waters Water Park, ice skating, among other things.

The camp brochures will be available at the attendance table at our next rehearsal, and will also be handed out at our lessons, but please note that the registration and deposit is due by March 31.

All of the information is also available here by clicking on the following links:

Camp Letter to Parents
Camp Poster
Band Camp Brochure
Scholarship Form

You can also visit their website at Soli Deo Gloria Institue.

The Camp also has their own FaceBook Page!  You can follow the link for even more information.

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