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Friday, February 19, 2016

Regular Rehearsals on February 20 and 27

We WILL have rehearsal on Saturday, February 20.  This is the same weekend as the FVL Schools Basketball Tournament.  We realize that some kids may be involved in basketball games as players or cheerleaders.  That is OK, and students should be with their teams.  Most students should be able to make some or all of the band rehearsal, however, and we ask that if it is at all possible to attend band.  Many band students wear their uniforms/warm ups on that day to rehearsal, which is totally acceptable.  Even if students arrive late or have to leave early, that is better than not coming at all.  Last year we actually had very good attendance on Tournament weekend, since most of the kids are at FVL anyway cheering on their teams.

Members of the Concert Winds will be receiving new music on Saturday.  For students who cannot attend rehearsal due to BB games, they should try to stop in and at least pick up the new music, as well as turn in music that was performed at Winterfest.

We will have a regular rehearsal on Saturday, February 27.

No Rehearsal on Saturday, March 5

Note that on Saturday, March 5, we will not have rehearsal.  Most of our 7th and 8th grade students, as well as Mr. Kramer and Mr. Neujahr, will be in Clintonville for the Northeast Conference Solo and Ensemble event.

This is the same festival that the FVL high school band and choir students will be attending.  FVL has about 35  events entered, including instrumental solos and ensembles, choral solos and ensembles, many piano solos, among other events.  The FVL Schools Band Program has a total of 33 solo events entered!  Most are class B or C, but we do have a few class A solos entered as well.

This event will feature several performance sites, with rooms designated for vocal, piano, woodwind, percussion, and brass events.  In addition to solos, there will be many different ensembles performing, including jazz ensembles, brass and woodwind ensembles, show choirs, and so on.  I would strongly encourage our students to observe as many solos and other ensemble events during the day.  All of the event sites are open to the public, so parents and students can sit in on performances throughout the day.

Information for Students who are performing a solo on March 5

Solo day is fast approaching!  Mr. Kramer and Mr. Neujahr have been working with most of our 7th and 8th graders for the past two months to prepare for this day.  The students have been improving each week with their solo preparations, and they should do very well!

Our Solo and Ensemble Festival will be held at Clintonville High School on Saturday, March 5.  This festival includes, in addition to our FVL Schools Band students, FVL HS, Waupaca HS, Clintonville HS, and St. Martin Lutheran Grade School (from Clintonville).

We received the schedules and other information for March 5 on Thursday, February 18.  Following are links to the schedules for FVL Schools Band students (FVLM), Fox Valley Lutheran HS (FVL) and also a map of Clintonville HS.  I am providing a link for FVL, as many of our students have older brothers and sisters who will also be performing that day.

FVL Schools Band Solos
FVL HS Solos and Ensembles
Map of Clintonville HS

IMPORTANT: If for some reason your son or daughter will NOT be performing their solo on March 5, please Email Mr. Neujahr as soon as possible so he can notify the Festival Manager and the schedules can be updated.

Following is information for students who are playing a solo on March 5.  Mr. Neujahr and Mr. Kramer will also discuss these items with the students at lessons as they prepare for March 5.

Attire:  Dress up for your events.  No jeans, T-shirts, crew-neck shirts, tennis shoes, etc.  Ties are recommended for guys, ladies in dress/skirt or other nice attire.  Make an excellent first impression for the adjudicator!

Music:  You are responsible for all of your music for the day, including your judge's copy. Remember that NO PHOTOCOPIES are allowed for a WSMA event. You are also responsible for your own instrument!  Number the measures in your judge's copy and your copy.  This MUST be done prior to playing.  To my knowledge, every student has the required 2 original "store bought" copies of the music.

Homerooms/Case and Coat Storage:  The CHS Gym will be used as the homeroom for all schools (see map).  A section of the bleachers will be labled showing each school's designated area.

Be Prompt!  Leave early and allow plenty of time to get to Clintonville HS. There is most likely going to be a bus from FVL leaving VERY early in the morning (6:30 AM).   You will also need extra time to find your designated warm-up area and performance rooms. Generally, you should try to be in the designated warm-up site 20-30 minutes before your scheduled performance time.  It is a good idea to check your performance site to see if they are ahead or behind schedule.  Your performance time may be shifted earlier or later depending upon how the day is progressing in that particular site.

For those using an accompanist: Remember to tell your accompanist the necessary times and room numbers, etc.  A nice card and gift of money for all of the time put in by your accompanist is recommended.

Bus Transportation

A bus will be leaving FVL at 6:30 AM on March 5.  Because the majority of the FVL Students who are performing that day are also performing that night in the musical The Sound of Music, the bus will leave Clintonville HS at approximately 12:00 PM (noon).  It is our hope that all parents are able to drive their children to this event and listen to them play their solo (and also to provide support for them on this big day), but if necessary the bus will be there for morning events.  Please let Mr. Neujahr know if your son/daughter will be riding the bus.

Student Introductions

WSMA requires that students introduce their solo.  You may write it out and bring your sheet with you.  You may also memorize it.  Rehearse what you are going to say!  The introduction outline is as follows:

My name is (performer name), from Fox Valley Lutheran Middle School

My accompanist is (name of accompanist - if you have one)

I am performing (name of solo, and if appropriate, the movements being performed)

My solo was composed by (name of the composer or arranger)

An interesting aspect of this piece to listen for is. . . (something to listen for, such as interesting melodies, articulations, tempos, styles, etc)


Something I learned while studying this piece is. . . (something that you learned about music, or something that this solo helped you to improve while practicing)

Lesson Schedule for the week of February 29 - March 4

FVL will be presenting The Sound of Music during the first full week in March.  Due to very large requests for grade school tickets, we will be presenting THREE grade school shows that week!  Those performances will be on Wednesday, March 2 and Thursday, March 3.  The lesson schedule will be affected as follows:

Wednesday, March 2 - NO LESSONS at St. Mark and St. Paul Green Bay; St. Paul Appleton, and Trinity Brillion.  Lessons WILL BE HELD at St. Peter, Appleton.

Thursday, March 3 - NO LESSONS at Riverview Appleton

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