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Friday, November 4, 2016

Rehearsals resume this week

After two weeks off, we are back for rehearsal on Saturday, November 5.  Counting this rehearsal, we only have three more rehearsals until our concert on November 20.  Things continue to go very well!  Thanks to all of our parents and band members for making such a great effort to attend these important Saturday rehearsals.

We will be fitting our Cadet Band and Concert Winds members with concert vests during the rehearsal on November 5.  Thanks to our parent volunteers for helping to make this happen!  If your son or daughter will miss this weekend, we will try to fit the vests either at an upcoming rehearsal or before the concert on November 20.

Here is our upcoming rehearsal and performance schedule:
November 5 - regular rehearsal
November 12 - regular rehearsal
November 19 - regular rehearsal
November 20 - Fall Band Concert

Our Fall Concert will begin at 2:00 PM. This concert will feature our FVL Schools Bands - the Cadet Band (beginning students) and the Concert Winds (students with more than one year of experience).  The FVL Symphonic Band will also play a few selections at this concert.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to see the entire FVL band program, from beginners to high school!

Following our November concert, we will not have Saturday morning practices again until Saturday, January 14!

Concert Vest fittings on Saturday, November 5

We will be fitting the concert vests for the Cadet Band and Concert Winds students on Saturday, November 5 during the rehearsal.  We have several moms who have volunteered to help.  If any more parents are willing to help, or would just like to be around to "learn the ropes", you are more than welcome to join us. Thanks for considering this very important volunteer opportunity!

The concert vest fittings will take place in the Green Room (across from the Choir Room entrance) due to a Nothing but Net tournament at FVL this weekend.

Then on the day of the concert (November 20) we would also need parent volunteers to assist with distributing the vests before the concert and collecting them after the concert.  Let me know if you are able to help on concert day.

CONCERT DRESS reminder - please refer to previous posts from October for a full description of what our band students need to wear for our upcoming concert.

8th Grade ACT Aspire Test this Saturday

Some of our band students may be taking the Aspire test this Saturday. If your son or daughter is taking the test, they may certainly leave rehearsal early.  As they need to be in their testing rooms before 9:00, they may be able to attend rehearsal for about the first 30 or 40 minutes.  If they are taking the test on November 5, they must get to FVL early enough to be fitted for their concert vests before going to the testing room, even if they are not going to attend the rehearsal.

Lesson Schedule Changes for November 7-11

Both Mr. Neujahr and Mr. Kramer will be participating with the FVL Symphonic Band on Thursday, November 10 and Friday, November 11 at several Veteran's Programs.  On Thursday, the FVL Symphonic Band will be playing at St. Paul, Appleton and Bethlehem, Hortonville for their programs.  Then on Friday, the band will play for the FVL Program, and then play for the Appleton area Veteran's Day Observance in downtown Appleton.

Mr. Kramer will also be working on several band-related projects this next week, so most of his time will be spent at FVL.

With those items in mind, here are the lesson schedule changes for this coming week:

Mr. Neujahr will not be giving lessons at Riverview on Thursday, November 10.  He will be giving lessons as normal on Monday - Wednesday.

Mr. Kramer will give lessons at Emanuel, New London on Friday afternoon instead of Friday morning.  He will not be giving any other lessons from Monday - Thursday.

Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin - A great opportunity for our 8th Grade Students!

Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin (LVW) is about to begin their 2017 season.  This will be the 40th Anniversary season for LVW!  FVL has been a major contributor to LVW all of those years, as we have served as the "Home" for LVW and every year more than half of the LVW members have been FVL students.  We thank God for the marvelous blessing that LVW has been, and ask His continued blessings as we move toward our next season.

For MUCH more information about this wonderful program, please refer to the LVW POST.

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