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Friday, November 18, 2016

Final Rehearsal for 2016

We will be rehearsing this Saturday, November 19.  This is our eighth and final rehearsal in preparation for our Fall Concert.  The Concert Winds will rehearse in the FVL Auditorium, and the Cadet Band will rehearse in the Choir Room as normal.

Final rehearsal - November  19 (8:15 - 9:45 AM)
November 20 - Fall Concert

Our Fall Concert will begin at 2:00 PM.

The concert will be streamed live on the FVL YouTube channel!  Please let your relatives know about this - grandparents or others who would like to watch the concert but are too far away to attend.  Go to the following link to watch the concert: FVL YouTube Channel.

Saturday Rehearsals take a Break!

Following our concert this Sunday, we will be taking a break from our Saturday rehearsals.  There will be no practices from Saturday, November 26 through Saturday, January 7.  We will resume our Saturday rehearsals again on January 14.

Thanks to parents and students for your continued efforts to attend our rehearsals.  As you know, with only 8-10 rehearsals planned for each semester, student attendance is crucial to our overall success as a performing ensemble.

Reminder of Concert Notes for Sunday, November 20

Our concert on Sunday, November 20, will begin at 2:00 PM, and will take place in the FVL Auditorium.

Students will need to be at FVL by 1:15 PM on the day of the concert so they can receive their vests and have adequate time for group warm up before the concert begins.

Our bands will be sitting together as a group for the concert, so that each band can watch the other performances.  The order of performance will be the FVL Symphonic Band, the Cadet Band, and the Concert Winds.  So that you can plan your afternoon, the concert should be over before between 3:15 and 3:30 PM.

When students arrive on concert day, they should go to their "normal" rehearsal rooms - Cadet Band to the Choir Room and the Concert Winds to the Band Room.  Because of increased traffic during concert events, cases should be brought to the rehearsal room and NOT left in the hallway as we do on Saturday mornings.

For concert dress (what our students should wear), refer back to previous posts from the October Updates.

Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin (LVW) Preview Saturday, November 19

Most of our 8th grade band students have received a flyer with information for our upcoming LVW 2017 Preview Day to be held on Saturday, November 19.  The event will run from 1 - 4 PM.  All of our 8th grade band students are welcome and invited to attend, as they are all eligible for this awesome summer marching band.  In fact, a few of our 8th graders have already registered to attend this event!  Parents are also invited, as we wil preview our upcoming 2017 season, look at our performance and rehearsal schedules, and talk about how we distribute information moving forward.

Pizza will be served to all in attendance before heading home, so we want all attendees (student and parents) to fill out the Preview Day Registration Form.

Brass and woodwind students should bring their regular band instrument to the Preview Day.  Students who are interested in our Percussion section or Color Guard do not need to bring instruments, as the equipment will be provided.

All students attending should wear comfortable clothing suitable for physical activity (Marching!).  Sweats or shorts are perfectly acceptable.

For much more information about LVW and what it has to offer, visit our Homepage.

Parents and students who are Facebook users may want to check our our LVW Facebook Page.  There you will see lots of pictures from previous years and the activities of our LVW members.

Lesson Books Completed

It is time to give credit to those students who have completed a lesson book and moved on in our series "Standard of Excellence" and the "Rubank Intermediate" and "Rubank Advanced" Method Books.  Our first lesson series contains two books, 1 (Red) and 2 (Blue).  We use the Rubank Intermediate or Advanced Method for students who advance beyond Book 2 of the Standard of Excellence series.

These students will receive their medals for completing books at Saturday's rehearsal.  It is the tradition of our FVL Schools Band Program for students to wear medals awarded for the concert.  If they have previously been awarded a medal, those can also be worn.

Students Completing Book One (Red)
Carolina Qualmann, Grade 6, Clarinet, Immanuel, Greenville
Zachary Nogar, Grade 7, Percussion, Mount Olive, Appleton
Pierce Krowas, Grade 6, Percussion, Mount Olive, Appleton

Students Completing Book Two (Blue)
Nick Kraftzenk, Grade 6, Tenor Saxophone, Mount Olive, Appleton
Leah Nolte, Grade 7, French Horn, Riverview, Appleton
Kealy Doran, Grade 7, Alto Saxophone, Riverview, Appleton
Olivia Race, Grade 6, Trumpet, Martin Luther, Neenah
Ryan Feuerstahler, Grade 6, Euphonium, Trinity, Neenah
Courtney Kufahl, Grade 7, Alto Saxophone, Immanuel, Greenville
Jefferson Heyer, Grade 8, Tuba, Immanuel, Greenville
Lauren Kedtke, Grade 7, Alto Saxophone, Immanuel, Greenville

Students Completing Rubank Intermediate
Levi Wolfgramm, Grade 6, Trumpet, Riverview, Appleton

Thanksgiving Week Lesson Schedule

The lesson schedule this week will be mostly normal, with the following exceptions:

Mr. Kramer will have a normal lesson schedule for Monday through Wednesday.  There will be no lessons this week at St. Peter or Emanuel on Thursday and Friday.

Mr. Neujahr will have a normal schedule for Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday Schedule for Mr. Neujahr

  • St. Paul, GB - lessons at the regular time
  • St. Mark, GB - No lessons (no school)
  • St. John, Wrightstown - No lessons
  • Riverview, Appleton - Lessons given in the afternoon for grade 7 and 8 (5 and 6 on a field trip)


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