Update for January 30

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It's Winterfest Weekend!

Winterfest is truly one of the biggest days of the year for the FVL and FVL Schools Music Programs.  It is an important day for many reasons.  Our music students have the opportunity to perform!  The day will feature more than 40 performances by our bands and choirs, FVL Choraliers, FVL Jazz Ensemble, the Riverview and Shepherd of the Valley Junior Choirs, and various vocal, piano, and instrumental groups. It is a day to showcase the incredible talents of our FVL family!  It is also a day that brings in approximately 1,000 people from the FVL Federation, including family members, relatives, friends, alumni, and others who want to have an enjoyable afternoon.  It also gives hundreds of students and parents an opportunity to volunteer, with MANY hours of planning and preparation, and then assisting with the set up and the event on Sunday.  We thank God for these many blessings!

Winterfest Reminders Reminder

Over the past two Director's Updates, much information has been given for Winterfest, including general information, when and where to report, what to wear, schedules, and so on.  Please look back at the previous TWO updates for that information.

Rehearsal on Saturday, January 30

Both Cadet Band and Concert Winds will rehearse this Saturday, January 30.  We are busy preparing our selections for the upcoming FVL Winterfest - A Celebration of Music to be held on Januray 31.

Note that we will not have rehearsal on February 6 or 13, but will resume again on February 20.


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Update for January 23

Regular Rehearsal this week and next week

Both Cadet Band and Concert Winds will rehearse this Saturday and next, January 23 and 30.  We are busy preparing our selections for the upcoming FVL Winterfest - A Celebration of Music to be held on Januray 31.

Note that we will not have rehearsal on February 6 or 13, but will resume again on February 20.

Winterfest Reminders

Our Cadet Band and Concert Winds will be performing on Sunday, January 31, for Winterfest.  Our performance will be at 1:00 PM, and will be in the Auditorium.  Students should be at FVL by 12:00 (Noon) that day to prepare for our performance.  Concert Winds members will meet in the Band Room, and Cadet Band members will meet in the Choir Room as usual.  Our FVL Schools Bands will be seated in the Auditorium by 12:30 so they can also watch the FVL Symphonic Band perform.  As there is lots of traffic through the hallways on Winterfest, student coats and cases should be brought directly into the Band and Choir room and not left in the hall.

Concert Winds and Cadet Band Dress for Winterfest

We will NOT be wearing our concert vests for Sunday's performance.  With the various activities available for students (Kid's Room in the small gym, Marionettes in the large gym, great food, etc.), we felt it would be best to save the vests and concert black and white for our more formal concert performances.  In addition, several of our band members will be singing with their junior choirs, and this will eliminate the need for a change of clothes after our performance.

Students should wear "nice school/church clothes" for Sunday's performance.  This means NO jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.  Students may wear their black pants and white shirts if they would like.  Examples of nice dress would include dress slacks or khakis, polo shirts, button shirts with a tie, skirts or dresses, and so on.

Winterfest Large Group Schedule - FVL Auditorium

12:30         Symphonic Band
1:00            FVL Schools Bands - Concert Winds, Cadet Band
1:45            FVL Men's Choir
2:00            FVL Women's Choir
2:15            Riverview Junior Choir
2:30            BASKET BIDDING ENDS
2:45            Shepherd of the Valley Junior Choir
3:00            FVL A Cappella Choir
3:20            FVL Jazz Ensemble (Commons Stage)
3:40            FVL Choraliers

1:40 - 2:15       Fox Folk Marionettes (performance in the large gym) - Always a big hit with the younger kids!

In addition to this schedule, there will be food and small group entertainment in the FVL Commons, a silent auction in the large gym, and piano music in the large gym.  The entertainment is "come and go as you please", so feel free to stay for the afternoon and enjoy some amazing performances by our FVL Schools Band members, area choirs, and students from Fox Valley Lutheran HS.

Tickets are $2 at the door. All proceeds benefit the FVL band and choir programs.   As this is an FVL Passport Event, all members of the Cadet Band and Concert Winds will be admitted free to the event with their FVL Passport.

Parent Volunteer Opportunity for Winterfest
We are still looking to fill two spots at the FVL Schools Band coffee/hot chocolate/cappuccino table.  The time slot is from 1:00 - 2:00.  This is a bit difficult to fill, as it is during the time of our bands' performances.  However, if you can help us out at that time, it would be greatly appreciated!
Please sign up through VolunteerSpot.http://vols.pt/2PQkGs
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jodi.
Thank you,
Jodi Slominsky
Lesson Books Completed

Since the Update on November 21 (prior to our Fall Concert) the students listed below have completed a lesson book and moved on in our series "Standard of Excellence".  Our lesson series contains three books, 1 (Red), 2 (Blue), and 3 (Green).  We use the Rubank Intermediate or Advanced Method for students who advance beyond Book 3 for the Standard of Excellence series.

Students Completing Book One (Red)

Nick Kraftzenk, Grade 5, Alto Saxophone, Mount Olive, Appleton
Aidan Kraftzenk, Grade 7, Percussion (Alfred's Method), Mount Olive, Appleton
Merrick Hirthe, Grade 6, Clarinet, Shepherd of the Valley, Menasha
Keely Adrian, Grade 5, Alto Saxophone, St. Mark, Green Bay
Elijah Ellis, Grade 6, Percussion (Alfred's Method), St. Paul, Green Bay
Eric Kellerstrass, Grade 6, Percussion (Alfred's Method), St. Paul, Green Bay
Riley Pink, Grade 5, Flute, Riverview, Appleton
Olivia Race, Grade 5, Trumpet, Martin Luther, Neenah
Ryan Feuerstahler, Grade 5, Euphonium, Trinity, Neenah

Students Completing Book Two (Blue)

Katie Slominsky, Grade 8, Electric Bass, Mount Olive, Appleton
Makenna Menting, Grade 6, Trumpet, Riverview, Appleton
Jack Peters, Grade 6, Trumpet, Riverview, Appleton
Alyssa Keller, Grade 8, Clarinet, Bethlehem, Hortonville
Jasmine Sixel, Grade 5, Electric Bass, Immanuel, Greenville
Ian Broehm, Grade 6, Euphonium, St. Peter, Freedom

Congratulations to all of these students!  They will also receive their medal at this week's rehearsal for completing their books.

Many more students will complete books before the end of the year.  Those medals will be given out on our Band Awards Day on Saturday, April 23.

FVL Jazz Ensemble to Wisconsin Lutheran College Jazz Festival

Mr. Neujahr will be leaving rehearsal early on Saturday morning.  Mrs. Nogar will then lead the rehearsal for the Concert Winds. Mr. Neujahr will be heading to Milwaukee with the FVL Jazz Ensemble. They are paticipating in the WLC Jazz Festival. The Jazz Festival is on Saturday, with five other WELS high schools participating.  The day will be divided up with rehearsal time, jazz masterclasses, performance and section clinics, and the Festival Concert at 7:00 PM to close the day.

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Update for January 8

Happy New Year!

I pray that you all had an eventful Christmas and New Year break!  For many, it was an opportunity to take a breath, relax a bit, and enjoy the time with friends and relatives.  After this first week of lessons, it has been a pleasure to hear what our students accomplished during the vacation.  We thank our Heavenly Father for this time off, and also for the gift of His Son, our Savior!

Mr. Kramer and I had a wonderful experience at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago!  With over 17,000 directors registering for this event, it is the largest of its kind in the world.  Both of us attended many clinics and concerts, as well as browse through the more than 500 music industry booths and displays in the exhibition hall.  We are already looking forward to returning next year!

My family was blessed with the wedding of my oldest son, Joel, to Melanie Dietzler on New Year's Eve. What a fantastic week it was!  Joel and Melanie were actually married in a very small ceremony last February, before Joel left for Officer Candiate School at Fort Benning, Georgia.  New Year's Eve was the "Church Wedding" with all of the relatives, reception, and excitement due a celebration such as this.  We thank God for his watchful eye on our guests, as everyone had a fantastic time.

Lessons for Monday, January 18

Mr. Neujahr will NOT be giving lessons on Monday, January 18 due to that day being FVL's Semester Break.  FVL Faculty will be using that day to finalize and enter grades from the first semester, as well as to prepare for the second semester.

Mr. Kramer WILL be giving lessons on that day.

Saturday Rehearsals Resume on January 16

All of us have enjoyed the time off from our Saturday rehearsals.  Now it is time to get back to work!  Our next major project is preparing music for the FVL Winterfest, which will be held on Sunday, January 31. Please note that both our Cadet Band and Concert Winds will be performing on that day.

More information will be given for our performances that day in the coming weeks' Updates.  To help with your planning, the performance times of our bands will be as follows:

12:30 FVL Symphonic Band
1:00  FVL Schools Concert Winds, followed by the Cadet Band

Both our Concert Winds and Cadet Band should be done performing by approximately 1:30 or a bit earlier.  All of our bands (FVL and FVL Schools bands) will be seated in the auditorium so that everyone can hear each other's performances, much like we did at our November concert.

In order to prepare for this performance, we will be rehearsing on the following Saturdays:

January 16
January  23
January 30
January 31 (Sunday) - FVL Winterfest

Go to the following link for our Full Saturday Rehearsal Schedule

Winterfest poster screen shot.JPG

FVL Winterfest is just around the corner

As I mentioned in the previous section, our Cadet Band and Concert Winds will be performing for Winterfest.  Students should be at FVL by 12:15 that day to prepare for our performance.  Again, we will have more detailed information in the coming weeks.

We are very excited for the upcoming FVL Winterfest!  The theme this year is "Decades of Music".  If you are unfamiliar with Winterfest, it is the biggest date on the musical calendar for Fox Valley Lutheran HS.  All of the FVL Bands and Choirs perform, and this year we will also include performances by some of our schools' Junior choirs!  Performing this year will be the Junior Choirs from Riverview Lutheran and Shepherd of the Valley.

"Decades of Music" is scheduled for Sunday, January 31. This family friendly event will feature several genres of musical entertainment performed by members of the FVL family. Hours are 12:00 to 4:00 pm.  Besides the opportunity to listen to great music, food will be served from the kitchen and desserts will be offered in the canteen. The FVL Schools Band Program will have a coffee/hot chocolate bar.  An expanded children's area in the small gym will be featured this year, and the FVL Marionettes will perform.  There will also be an awesome basket auction with many great items to bid on. Admission is $2 at the door. All proceeds benefit the FVL band and choir programs.  As this is an FVL Passport Event, all members of the Cadet Band and Concert Winds will be admitted free to the event with their FVL Passport.

Parent Volunteer Opportunity for Winterfest
It is once again time to finalize our plans for Winterfest. We are looking for 8 volunteers to fill four one hour time slots serving at our coffee table. REALLY EASY!! I have tried to make the slots short enough so that we can also give you the opportunity to enjoy Winterfest and listen to your children.

We will have hot chocolate and maybe cappuccinos available as well. This is a real quick and easy way to give of your time and we thank you in advance for your help. Please sign up through VolunteerSpot. http://vols.pt/2PQkGs
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you,
Jodi Slominsky


Inclement Weather Procedures

We have been blessed with excellent weather on Saturdays so far this year.  For that we are thankful!

As we get closer to potential inclement weather, remember to check the band's website for information regarding rehearsal cancellations.  If a rehearsal is canceled, a notice will always be put on the top of the homepage in bold red letters.   If a rehearsal is not canceled, but you feel it is not safe to travel from your location, you can always make the decision to stay home.  A notice will not normally be put up prior to Saturday morning, unless we know for certain that the weather on Saturday will not allow for a rehearsal.

If we need to cancel a rehearsal, a decision will be made BEFORE 7:30 AM and the notice will be posted to the top of the website by that time.

Please note that there will NOT be a notice on radio or TV stations.  Your one source for cancellations will be this website.




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