Summer Lessons with Mr. Kramer

As Assistant Director to Mr. James Neujahr in the FVL Middle School Band Program, I am eager to help returning band students get a nice jump-start into the new school year. Here are the particulars:

1) 30 minute lessons - warm-up technique, continuation in the Standards of Excellence lesson book, or other book if done with Book 3, and song preparation. The song preparation will be from a song book dedicated to the student's instrument, which can be a song book the student already owns, or one I will pick out for the student based on the level of music the student can play. These song books often have accompaniment CD's. If I pick out a song book for a student, and the student likes it, he/she may purchase it by the end of summer.

2)     Lesson sites & times - I will teach at three locations, and you may choose the most convenient site for you, but it will need to always be the same each week, unless there would be a substitution to a time already open. I will be at FVLHS on Tuesday afternoons, Riverview Lutheran School on Wednesday mornings, and Immanuel Lutheran School in Greenville on Wednesday afternoons.

3)     Dates - Lessons will begin on Tuesday, July 21-22, and end on August 25-26, for a total of 6 weeks.

4)     Tuition - $60, with a 6 for 5 Special! Since it is likely that a student may have a vacation trip during the last half of summer, I will give a guaranteed 5 lessons over the 6 weeks, at $12 per lesson for a total tuition of $60. If a student is available for all 6 of the weeks, there is no charge for a 6th lesson.

5)     Recording - I will try to use recording equipment for the prepared song at the final lesson, convert the recording to mp3, and email the recording to the parents and student at the end of summer.

Please contact me directly by email (, or phone (740-2806) ASAP. I'd like to have all sign-ups done by July 6. Please indicate the location/day, and if possible indicate preferred time, but also a range of times to work with. Since I have no way of knowing how many times to schedule, it may take a little time to come up with a satisfactory schedule for all who sign up, but I hope to have everyone scheduled and contacted by July 7, and hopefully sooner.

When replying, please provide:

Student name: _____________________

Instrument: ________________________

Parent name: ______________________

Preferred time/location: FVLHS (Tues. pm)  / Riverview (Wed. am)  / Immanuel (Wed. pm)

Your Contact info: email / phone

I'm eager to restart with the students, and hope the students will be excited, too! I'm looking forward to quite a few of you contacting me.

Robert Kramer -

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