Update for March 7

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Best Wishes to our Soloists this Weekend!

We wish God's Blessings to our 24 FVL Schools students who will be playing their solos this Saturday, March 7, at Waupaca HS.  Mr. Neujahr and Mr. Kramer have both completely enjoyed working with our students on their solos these past few months!  It is very rewarding to see the work our band members put in on these challenging selections.  The soloists will receive a rating for their efforts on Saturday.  These ratings are based on rubrics that have been developed by WSMA.  So these ratings are based on a "standard", and not on direct competition with other musicians.  In addition, the rating the students receive is by no means the most important aspect of their performance.  Rather, it is the "journey" - taking a challenging piece of solo literature, putting in the time and effort to practice and perfect it, and finally doing their very best on performance day!  All of our students are to be commended for their musicianship!

Here are a few additional documents for Saturday that were received after last week's Update was posted:

FVLHS and FVL Schools Performance Times
General Information for the Waupaca Solo and Ensemble Festival (ratings postings, concessions, etc.)
Waupaca HS First Floor Map
Waupaca HS Second Floor Map

For much more participant information pertaining to the Solo Festival, please refer back to the Director's Updates from February 21 and 28.

No Lessons at Mount Olive on Monday, March 9

Mr. Neujahr will be driving to Dubuque, Iowa on Monday following the FVL HS Band rehearsal.  The purpose is to pick up two marching tubas and a synthesizer that FVL is purchasing from the Dubuque Colts Drum and Buble Corps.  The equipment will be used by both FVL HS and Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin.  We have made many purchases from the Colts in the past few years, including FVL's Vibraphone, marching Mellophones, and marching Tubas.  These are instruments that have been used by the Corps for a season or two, so the purchase saves thousands of dollars compared to the new price.  Many thanks to the Colts for making these purchases possible!

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