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Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcome to Spring!

Finally!  Our unusual winter has come to an end.  We are now in the last portion of our school year, and with that the first few days of beautiful weather, robin sightings, and March Madness!

We are down to our last four regular rehearsals for the year.  Our remaining schedule is as follows:

March 21 - Regular rehearsal
March 28 - Regular rehearsal
April 1 (Wednesday) - Concert Winds perform for WSMA Concert Festival (info below)
April 4 and 11 - No rehearsal due to Easter and numerous Spring Breaks
April 18 - Regular rehearsal and Band Picture Day (Info below)
April 25 - Final rehearsal and band awards
April 26 (Sunday) - Cadet Band and Concert Winds Spring Concert

2015 WELS Summer Band Camp - Heroes and Legends!

I have received brochures for the upcoming WELS Summer Band Camp hosted by the Soli Deo Gloria Institute.  This camp has been offered for several years for WELS middle school band students.  We have had many of our FVL Schools Band students attend in the past, and have all enjoyed the experience!  The camp will be held from June 21-26, 2015, and will take place at Wisconsin Lutheran High School in Milwaukee, WI.  The camp offers many opportunities, including music rehearsals, devotions in God's Word, leadership activities, visual and theater arts experiences, Cool Waters Water Park, ice skating, among other things.

The camp brochures were available at the attendance table at our last rehearsal, and will be for the next two weeks (March 21 and 28), but please note that the registration and deposit is due by March 31.  Feel free to take one home and check out the camp offerings, cost, and other information.

You can also visit their website at Soli Deo Gloria Institue.

Picture Day Saturday, April 18

We will be taking time during our rehearsal for the photos.  We will be taking formal group photos in uniform, so band students are to wear black shoes and socks, white shirts, and black pants for the day.  These items are the same as what they wore to the November concert.  To save time, they are encouraged to wear these clothes for the rehearsal.   We will distribute the concert vests on that morning.

Our Photographer will be from Pinnacle Group Photography, and is offering several different packages for purchase.  It will be up to you if you want to order a package or not.  We do ask that all band members wear concert clothes on that day even if you may not purchase any photos, since we will be taking Cadet Band and Concert Winds group photos with all students included.

Pinnalce Group Photography has given us a link to their website for advance ordering of photo packages.  We will have a number of ordering envelopes available at the attendance table, but they do encourage parents to use the online ordering system.  Please note our group photos are entitled "Fox Valley Lutheran Middle School Band".

You can access the online order form by going to the following link:  FVL Schools Band Photos

You will simply need to enter your email address to log in to the ordering system.

Solo and Ensemble Results

Many thanks to our seventh and eighth grade students for the fine performances March 7 at the EVC Solo and Ensemble Festival!  Our FVL Schools Band members did very well overall and recorded 14 "First" ratings out of twenty-one events.  Needless to say, Mr. Kramer and Mr. Neujahr are very proud of our students. Their work preparing an introduction and playing their solo for this WSMA Festival has certainly resulted in becoming stronger players and more confident musicians.

The students were given their Adjudicator Score Sheet during their lessons.   Although not necessarily suitable for framing, this score sheet gives the students lots of information regarding their performance, and has helpful information for what they did well, and what they can work on to improve their playing in general.

Here are the FVL Schools Band results from March 7:

Class C:

  • Alyssa Keller, Bethlehem Hortonville, grade 7, Clarinet Solo - 2
  • Austin Caswell, St. Paul Appleton, grade 8, Tuba Solo - 1
  • Connor Lynch, New Hope Christian School, grade 7, Trombone Solo - 1
  • Jeremiah Butkovich, Trinity Brillion, grade 7, Baritone Sax Solo - 1
  • Lily Krause, Trinity Neenah, grade 6, Lever Harp Solo - 1
  • Adam Caswell, St. Paul Appleton, grade 7, Trumpet Solo - 1
  • Brock Bader, Mount Olive Appleton, grade 8, Drum Set Solo - 1
  • Emily Lillo, St. Paul Appleton, grade 8, Bassoon Solo - 1
  • Nick Caswell, St. Paul Appleton, grade 7, Trombone Solo - 1
  • Katie Slominsky, Mount Olive Appleton, grade 7, Electric Bass Solo - 1

Class B:

  • Lorna Caswell, St. Paul Appleton, grade 7, Clarinet Solo - 3
  • Spencer Archer, Immanuel Greenville, grade 8, Tenor Sax Solo - 2
  • Morgan Caswell, St. Paul Appleton, grade 7, Clarinet Solo - 2
  • Jacob Jungwirth, Homeschool, grade 7, Concert Snare Drum Solo - 2
  • Alyssa Keller, Bethlehem Hortonville, grade 7, Piano Solo - 1
  • Emmalee Mindock, Mount Olive Appleton, grade 7, Piano Solo - 1
  • Tommy Jungwirth, Homeschool, grade 8, Electric Bass Solo - 1
  • Shyanne Quella, Shepherd of the Valley, grade 7, Flute Solo - 1
  • Trevor Hintz, St. Peter Appleton, grade 8, Baritone Sax Solo - 1

Class A:

  • Dieter Ragner, Bethlehem Hortonville, grade 8, Trumpet Solo - 2
  • Emily Ellis, St. Paul Green Bay, grade 8, Oboe Solo - 2
FVL Solo and Ensemble Results

FVL events also fared very well on March 7!  In all, FVL entered 44 events with the following results (summary of events):

Class C:

  • 2 events received a rating of 1

Class B:

  • 1 event received a rating of 2
  • 8 events received a rating of 1

Class A:

  • 7 events received a rating of 2
  • 6 events received a rating of 1
  • 20 events received a rating of 1* (Advance to the State Festival)

Overall, 36 events received a rating of a 1 out of 44 total events!  Events advancing to the State Solo and Ensemble on May 2 include 14 solos and 6 ensemble events including the FVL Jazz Ensemble, Brass Choir, Brass Quintet, Trumpet Duet, Clarinet Trio, and the FVL Choraliers.

WSMA Concert Festival performance for Concert Winds

This concert festival will be hosted by FVL.  By now, parents from each school should have begun to plan car pools to FVL that morning and back to your schools again following the festival.  Parents and students should also alert their school's principals and classroom teachers of their absence from school that morning.

The Concert Winds will NOT be wearing their formal vests and ties for the performance. However, because this is a public performance, the students should wear VERY nice clothes that day, such as skirts/dresses, dress slacks, dress shirts, and ties (for guys who have them).  We want to look spectacular on that day.  Because of the logistics of getting all of our kids to FVL, having to warm up and prepare for this festival, it will be easiest to not wear our concert formal dress.  Additionally, the other schools participating normally do not wear concert dress for the WSMA Concert Festival.

As this is a public performance, much like solo and ensemble festivals, all parents/grandparents/drivers for the day are most welcome to listen to the bands perform.  It may be very interesting for you to also hear what the adjudicators have to say following each band's performance.

All of the band performances will be held in the FVL Auditorium.

Here is a schedule of band performance times for that day:

  • 8:15 AM  Fox Valley Lutheran HS Symphonic Band
  • 9:00AM  St. Francis Xavier Middle School Band #1
  • 9:45 AM St. Francis Xavier Middle School Band #2
  • 10:30 AM FVL Schools Concert Winds
  • 11:15 AM St. Martin Lutheran School

The morning times for our FVL Schools Band students would be as follows:

  • 9:45 AM Arrive at FVL - Meet in the small gym with coats and cases for attendance
  • 10:00 AM Warm up in the FVL Band Room
  • 10:30 AM Performance clinic with WSMA Adjudicators (return cases to gym following performance)
  • 11:15 AM Concert Winds listen to St. Martin Lutheran Band and fill out student critique form
  • 12:00 Noon Car pools return students to their grade schools

You will notice that, depending on which school your child attends, students will be returning to their schools either at the end of their lunch period or after their lunch period has ended.  Students should plan on bringing a bag lunch that day that they can eat on their return trip to their schools.

Congratulations to the following students for recently completing lesson books:

Since the January 24 Update, we want to give credit to the following students who have completed a lesson book and moved on in our series "Standard of Excellence".  Our lesson series contains three books, 1 (Red), 2 (Blue), and 3 (Green).  We use the Rubank Advanced Method for students who advance beyond Book 3 fo the Standard of Excellence series.

  • Caitlyn Graham, Grade 7, Homeschool, Alto Saxophone - Completed 1
  • Phil Machkovich, Grade 6, St. Paul Appleton, Trombone - Completed 2
  • Emily Lillo, Grade 8, St. Paul Appleton - Completed 1 (Of special note - Emily studied Oboe for three years, advancing to Book 3, and switched to Bassoon at the start of this year)
  • Emily Beyer, Grade 7, Riverview Appleton, Flute - Completed 1
  • Kisie Temu, Grade 5, Shepherd of the Valley Menasha, Flute - Completed 1
  • Moses Enter, Grade 6, Shepherd of the Valley Menasha, Euphonium - Completed 2
  • Atticus Berghauer, Grade 6, Homeschool, Alto Saxophone - Completed 1

With our huge group of beginning band students this year, look for many more students to complete books before the end of the year. Those medals will be given out on our Band Awards Day on Saturday, April 25.

Congratulations to all of these students!

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