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Friday, February 27, 2015

Regular Rehearsal on Saturday, February 28

We will close out the month of February with a regular rehearsal.  With March just around the corner, hopefully we will begin to see warmer temperatures and the return of "shorts weather".  I am more than ready!

I want to thank our students for excellent attendance last Saturday!  Even though most of our older students were involved in some way or another with the basketball tournament, the band members did all they could to attend rehearsal, even if it was for a short time.  The result was a productive and energetic rehearsal with the band making some very good improvement!

Remember there is no rehearsal on March 7 due to the Solo and Ensemble event being held at Waupaca High School.

Remaining Schedule for the Second Semester

Please check the FVL Schools Calendar for a full listing of the second semester rehearsals and performances.  For reference, listed below are our rehearsals and performances for the second semester.

Saturday, March 7 - Eastern Valley Conference Solo and Ensemble Festival at Waupaca HS.  There will be no rehearsal this day, but many of our Concert Winds students will be participating in the Festival by playing their solo.

March 21 and 28 - Regular rehearsals

Wednesday, April 1 - Concert Winds participate in the WSMA Concert Festival at FVL.  This will be an adjudicated performance and will satisfy our requirement to be a member of WSMA.

April 18 and 25 - Regular rehearsals

Sunday, April 26 - FVL Middle School Band Concert, 6:00 PM (Cadet Band and Concert Winds)

WSMA Concert Festival performance for Concert Winds

You may have noticed on our schedule that the Concert Winds (NOT Cadet Band) are participating in a WSMA Concert Festival on Wednesday, April 1.  That is not a typo!  Participating in a concert festival is a requirement for our FVL Schools Band Program to be a member of WSMA.  Since we did not participate in a concert festival last year, we must do that this year.

This concert festival will be hosted by FVL.  Additional information will be posted to this site as we get closer to the event.  However, parents from each school can begin to plan car pools to FVL that morning and back to your schools again following the festival.  Parents and students can also alert their school's principals and classroom teachers of their absence from school that morning.

Here is a schedule of band performance times for that day:

8:15 AM Fox Valley Lutheran HS Symphonic Band
9:00AM St. Francis Xavier Middle School Band #1
9:45 AM St. Francis Xavier Middle School Band #2
10:30 AM FVL Schools Concert Winds
11:15 AM St. Martin Lutheran School

The morning times for our students would be as follows:

9:45 AM Arrive at FVL - Meet in the small gym with coats and cases for attendance
10:00 AM Warm up in the FVL Band Room
10:30 AM Performance clinic with WSMA Adjudicators (return cases to gym following performance)
11:15 AM Concert Winds listen to St. Martin Lutheran Band and fill out student critique form
12:00 Noon Car pools return students to their grade schools

You will notice that, depending on which school your child attends, students will be returning to their schools either at the end of their lunch period or after their lunch period has ended.  Students should plan on bringing a bag lunch that day that they can eat on their return trip to their schools.

Picture Day is Set!

We will be taking our band pictures on Saturday, April 18.  We will be taking time during our rehearsal for the photos.  We will be taking formal group photos in uniform, so band students are to bring black shoes and socks, white shirts, and black pants for the day.  These items are the same as what they wore to the November concert.  To save time, they are certainly welcome to wear these clothes for the rehearsal.   We will distribute the concert vests on that morning.

Our Photographer will be from Pinnacle Group Photography, and will be offering several different packages for purchase.  It will be up to you if you want to order a package or not.  We do ask that all band members wear concert clothes on that day even if you may not purchase any photos, since we will be taking a group photo with all students included.

We will be receiving a few pre-order forms in advance of April 18.  Pinnacle will also be setting up an online ordering option.  That website should be available in the next few weeks, and the link will be posted when it becomes available.


We offer our congratulations to Emily Beyer, a 7th grade flute student from Riverview, Appleton.  Emily is the first of our beginning band students to complete her first lesson book.  She is now in Book 2 for Flute!

Over the next several weeks, many more of our Cadet Band students will be completing their first book.  It is a very exciting time for our beginners!  We rejoice with them in their accomplishments!

Solo and Ensemble Information

This morning at about 7:50 I received the times for the Solo and Ensemble festival on March 7.  This first schedule is a Master Schedule of all seven sites, with all events listed.  Later in the day, or early next week, I will be posting a schedule which just lists FVL Schools events, in addition to Maps, Directions, and other logistical information for Waupaca HS.

Go to this link for a MASTER SCHEDULE of all events.  The FVL Schools events are listed as "FVLMS". You will have to wade through the sites to find your particular solo.

I also want to alert you that we MAY have a bus going to Waupaca HS on March 7.  If so, it will leave FVL at 6:15 AM and will not return until approximately 5:00 PM.  Parents, PLEASE let me know ASAP if your child will need to ride the bus.  I am hoping that parents will be able to bring their children to Waupaca and back, and not have to rely on a bus.  Giving your children a ride will allow for a much shorter day - arrive for your event and then you are free to go home.

Contact me at jneujahr@fvlhs.org if your only option is to send your child on a bus on March 7.

Most, if not all, FVL HS students will be planning their own transportation for March 7.  Because we received the schedule information so late, we were not able to determine if a bus is needed yet, and will not know that until the middle of next week.

More information for the Solo and Ensemble Festival will be posted when it becomes available.

Students and Parents who are participating in the solo and ensemble should refer back to the Director's Update from February 21 for more information for individual solo events (what to wear, student introductions, number the measures in your solo and judge's copy, etc).



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