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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rehearsal on Saturday, October 24

This is a big week for all of our FVL Schools!  In addition to our FVL Schools Band rehearsal, Saturday is also our Fall Fundraiser product pick-up (More on that below).  Also, the FVL Schools are hosting their A-Team Volleyball tournament at FVL on Saturday.  Then on Monday and Tuesday of this coming week,  all of our FVL Schools students (about 2000 grade school students AND the FVL student body) will be participating in the Zambia Project kick off at FVL in four special chapel services.

Since this is the weekend of the FVL Schools volleyball tournament, some students may need to miss some or all of the band rehearsal, even though they are at FVL.  If at all possible, our volleyball students should make every effort to attend rehearsal, even if it is for a portion of the rehearsal.  It is perfectly OK for our students to wear their volleyball uniforms to rehearsal - there is no need to change.  With only four rehearsals left until our concert, it is increasingly important to attend rehearsals whenever possible.

Fall Fundraiser Product Pick Up on Saturday, October 24

The products that were ordered for the Fall Fundraiser are going to be delivered to FVL for pickup on Saturday, October 24.   If you can not be there that day to pick up your products, please make arrangements with somebody else to pick up the products, such as another family from your school or church, grandparents, etc.  FVL does not have the ability to store these items, many of which are frozen food products.

Pickup information is as follows:

Date:  Saturday, October 24
Time:  From 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Place:  FVL Auditorium Stage

We will have the products on stage due to the FVL Schools Volleyball tournament on Saturday.  The Commons will be much too busy for us to set up the distribution of the products in that room.

If any parents are available to assist with the set up and/or distribution of the products, your help would be much appreciated!  The Hansen's truck will be at FVL by about 7:30 AM.  Assistance would be helpful at that time to help organize the products on the stage, and also to help get the proper products to parents who may want to pick them up when they drop off their band students.  More assistance will also be helpful at about 9:30 as parents are coming to pick up their children.  So 8:00 - 8:30 and 9:30 - 10:00 will be the "rush hour" times when most parents will be there for pick up.

Fundraiser Results - Amazing!

A HUGE thank you to all of our FVL Schools Band members and their parents for making this year's Fall Fundraiser a success!  The totals are in, and they are impressive.  Here is a breakdown of the past three years and the fundraiser results:

Total number of FVL Schools Band students who participated
2013 - 26
2014 - 41
2015 - 42

Total Retail Dollars Ordered
2013 - $4953.50
2014 - $7557 
2015 - $8261.50

Net Profit for FVL Schools Band program and its members
2013 - $2476.75
2014 - $3778.50
2015 - $4130.75

WOW!  Of the $4130.75 in profit, half, or $2065.37 will go into the FVL Schools Band account, and $2065.38 will go directly into the individual student accounts.  That money will be used to offset semester one band fees.  Five of our students will realize a benefit of over $100 for their band account, while seventeen will see benefits of between $50 and $100.

Not only do the students get the benefit of a reduction in their student fees, but they also earned Fabulous Prizes for their efforts!  Students who sold 5 or more items will receive the "Multi-Charge 3-in-1 connector";  20 items sold will earn a "Selfie Stick"; 30 items earns a "5 pound bag of Gummi Bears"; 40 items earns a "Power Stix Power Bank", and 60 items earns a "Bluetooth Speaker Bar"!  Students get all of the prizes up to and including the prize for their level of sales. Pretty exciting!  Overall, 38 students earned the charging connector; 11 earned the charger and the selfie stick; 6 earned the charger, selfie stick, and Gummi Bears; and one motivated student earned the charger, the selfie stick, the Gummi Bears, and the Power Stix Power Bank!

Here are the eleven students who sold at least 20 items, in alphabetical order: Brynn Buchholz, Rebecca Eveland, Courtney Kufahl, Philip Machkovech, Makenna Menting, Leah Nolte, Savannah Parsons, Aryanna Selle, Jasmine Sixel, Brittney Thede, and Ryan Theimer.

Special thanks go to Cindy Countney, the Hansen's representative who did such a great job organizing the fundraiser.

Lesson Schedule Changes for this Week, October 26, 27, and 28

Many factors will affect our normal lesson schedule for this coming week.  One will be the Zambia Project as mentioned earler.  Another is the WELS grade school and high school Teacher's Conference this coming Thursday and Friday.  Mr. Neujahr's schedule will be affected much more than Mr. Kramer's.

The Zambia Project chapel services are at 9:30 and 1:00 on both Monday and Tuesday.  The services are expected to last about an hour each.  Since Mr. Neujahr is involved in the services at FVL, he will not be able to do lessons on either Monday or Tuesday.

Mr. Kramer's schools on Monday and Tuesday won't be affected, as they are scheduled to visit FVL for the services at times which don't conflict with the lesson schedule.

Also, due to Riverview's lessons being on a Thursday, and multiple Thursdays will be missed do to Teacher's Conference, Thanksgiving, and Christmas breaks, Mr. Neujahr will have lessons at Riverview on Wednesday, October 28 to make up some of that time.

So here is a summary of lessons this next week:

Mr. Neujahr's Schedule
Monday - No lessons at Mount Olive
Tuesday - No lessons at Mount Olive or Shepherd of the Valley
Wednesday - No lessons at Green Bay or Brillion.  Lessons given at Riverview, Appleton

Mr. Kramer's Schedule
Monday - All lessons as normal
Tuesday - All lessons as normal
Wednesday - All lessons as normal

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