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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Final Rehearsal of the Month

This Saturday, January 24, will be the final rehearsal of the month.  We will NOT have rehearsal on Saturday, January 31 due to the Eastern Valley Conference Honors Festival being held that day for selected students from our FVL Schools Concert Winds, the FVL HS Band and the FVL HS Choir.

We will be changing rehearsal locations for this week's rehearsal.  The Concert Winds will rehearse on the FVL Auditorium Stage in preparation for this Sunday's performance at the FVL Winterfest.  The Cadet Band will rehearse in the FVL Band Room instead of the Choir Room.

Lesson Books Completed

Since we are approximately one half of the way through our lessons for the year, I thought it would be a good time to give credit to those students who have completed a lesson book and moved on in our series "Standard of Excellence".  Our lesson series contains three books, 1 (Red), 2 (Blue), and 3 (Green).  We use the Rubank Advanced Method for students who advance beyond Book 3 fo the Standard of Excellence series.

Brittney Thede, Grade 6, Trombone, Mount Olive Appleton - completed 1
Autumn Vah, Grade 6, Flute, St. Paul Appleton - completed 1
Thomas Dierks, Grade 6, Tenor Saxophone, St. Paul Appleton - completed 2
Aaron Melso, Grade 6, Euphonium, Riverview Appleton - completed 2
Alaina Thern, Grade 7, Flute, Immanuel Greenville - completed 2
Lorna Caswell, Grade 7, Clarinet, St. Paul Appleton - completed 2

Congratulations to all of these students!  They will also receive their medal at this week's rehearsal for completing their books.

With our huge group of beginning band students this year, look for many students to complete books before the end of the year.  Those medals will be given out on our Band Awards Day on Saturday, April 25.

Winterfest Reminders

Our Concert Winds will be performing on Sunday for Winterfest.  Our performance will be at 12:00 PM, and will be in the Auditorium.  Students should be at FVL by 11:15 that morning to prepare for our performance.  Concert Winds members will meet in the band room.  As there is lots of traffic through the hallways on Winterfest, student coats and cases should be brought directly into the band room and not left in the hall.

Concert Winds Dress for Winterfest

Concert Winds will NOT be wearing our concert vests for Sunday's performance.  With the various activities available for students (DJ in the small gym from 1 - 3, Marionettes in the large gym, great food, etc.), we felt it would be best to save the vests and concert black and white for our more formal concert performances.  In addition, several of our band members will be singing with their junior choirs, and this will eliminate the need for a change of clothes after our performance.

Students should wear "nice school/church clothes" for Sunday's performance.  This means NO jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.  Students may wear their black pants and white shirts if they would like.  Examples of nice dress would include dress slacks or khakis, polo shirts, button shirts with a tie, skirts or dresses, and so on.

Winterfest Large Group Schedule - FVL Auditorium

11:30         FVL Symphonic Band
12:00         FVL Schools Band (Concert Winds meet at 11:15 in the band room)
12:45         FVL Men's Choir
1:00            St. Peter, Freedom Church Choir
1:15            FVL Women's Choir
1:30            Riverview Junior Choir
1:45            Shepherd of the Valley Junior Choir
2:15            FVL A Cappella Choir
2:30            BASKET BIDDING ENDS in the large gym
2:45            FVL Jazz Ensemble (Commons Stage)
3:15            FVL Choraliers

12:40 - 1:10       Fox Folk Marionettes (performance in the large gym) - Always a big hit with the younger kids!

In addition to this schedule, there will be food and small group entertainment in the FVL Commons, a silent auction in the large gym, and piano music in the large gym.  The entertainment is "come and go as you please", so feel free to stay for the afternoon and enjoy some amazing performances by our FVL Schools Band members, area choirs, and students from Fox Valley Lutheran HS.

Tickets are $3 in advance and $4 at the door. Students 11 and under are free. All proceeds benefit the FVL band and choir programs.  All members of the Concert Winds will be admitted free to the event with their FVL Grade School Pass.

Information for Parents with students participating in the EVC Middle School Honors Band

Congratulations to those students from our program who have been selected to participate in the Eastern Valley Conference Middle School Honors Band on Saturday, January 31 Ripon High School!  Here is information for those families.

FVL will be providing transportation to Ripon.  We will be taking a school bus along with the FVL high school band and choir students.  The bus will LEAVE FVL at 7:00 AM!  If you will be taking your child directly to Ripon, please let me know at jneujahr@fvlhs.org so we know not to wait for them.  We will also be providing bus transportation home following the high school concert.  Note that the middle school concert begins at 3 PM and the high school concert begins at 4:30, so we will not be leaving Ripon until approximately 6:00 PM.  You are strongly encouraged to attend the middle school concert and bring your child home following that concert.  You may also want to consider staying for the high school concert.  At any rate, please take your child home from Ripon.  If you are not able to attend, you may be able to work out a ride for your son/daughter with another of our students' families.  If your child will be riding home on the bus following the high school concert, please notify me at jneujahr@fvlhs.org.  The bus will return to FVL at approximately 7:00 PM.

Participating students should make every effort to prepare their music for the day.  The more prepared the musicians are, the better the experience will be.

A few things to know about the day:

Wear comfortable clothing - abide by your school's dress code.

Bring black dress pants, black shoes and black socks for the concert.  The students will receive their EVC Honors t-shirt on the day of the event, which they will wear for the concert.

The middle school concert is at 3:00 in the Ripon HS Auditorium.

The concert is open to the public - Family and friends are welcome to attend.

Students should bring a pencil and ALL of the music they have been given.

Band members should be well rested - it will be a very busy day!

FOOD!!  The students will receive a morning and afternoon snack, as well as lunch.  The cost of the t-shirt and the food is covered by FVL, so money is not necessary.

8:00 am                Registration at Ripon High School
8:30 am                Clinician Intro and begin rehearsal in Auditorium
9:45 am                Snack Break
10:00 am              Sectionals (Classrooms)
10:45 am              Full Rehearsal  in Auditorium
11:30 pm              Lunch
12:20 pm              Rehearsal in Auditorium
1:15 pm                Move equipment to gym
1:20 pm                Snack Break
1:35 pm                Rehearsal in gym
2:15 pm                Change clothes for concert
Pictures in gym
2:45 pm                Tune/line up
3:00 pm                Concert at Ripon High School

Coordinating the event is the Middle School Band Director from Ripon.  His contact information is as follows:

Mr. Bill Nelson
Ripon Middle School Band Director

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