Update for January 17

Friday, January 16, 2015

Regular Rehearsal for Saturday, January 17

We will be gathering for our second rehearsal of the second semester this week.  We had OUTSTANDING attendance last week in the Concert Winds!  Thanks for making the rehearsals a priority!  It was a different story in the Cadet Band, with about 16 students missing.  This was due in large part to illness.  Riverview was especially hard hit, with about one-third of their school out last week Friday.  Thanks to our parents for keeping sick kids home!  With students from 14 of our area Lutheran schools participating on Saturday mornings, we don't need to start an epidemic.

We also appreciate the contact (via email or phone) from those parents that let us know ahead of time if students will miss due to illness or other reasons.  The best method to let me know is still probably my email, which is jneujahr@fvlhs.org.  That way I can see your message, even if it is sent rather late in the morning.  If you would like, you can also copy Beverly Quella, our attendance coordinator, on emails alerting us to an absence.  Her email is Beverly Quella (baquella@gmail.com) or call 920-540-1960.

That leaves two rehearsals for our Concert Winds to prepare for their Winterfest performance on Sunday, January 25.  We are attempting to learn two to three new pieces of music, so attendance at these rehearsals are very important.

There is a very large wrestling tournament at FVL this weekend.  Therefore there will be LOTS of activity in the gyms and the Commons.  Be prepared for a huge crowd of people, and also for a much more crowded parking lot than on normal Saturdays.

FVL Jazz Ensemble to Wisconsin Lutheran College Jazz Festival

Mr. Neujahr will not be at rehearsal this weekend.  Mrs. Nogar will lead the rehearsal for the Concert Winds. Mr. Neujahr will be in Milwaukee with the FVL Jazz Ensemble. They are paticipating in the WLC Jazz Festival.  The group is very excited for this trip!  We will be leaving today (Friday) after school, with some rehearsal tonight, a meal at the Cheesecake Factory, and a hotel stay at the Holiday Inn Express. The majority of the Jazz Festival is on Saturday, with five other WELS high schools participating.  The day will be divided up with rehearsal time, jazz masterclasses, performance and section clinics, and the Festival Concert at 7:00 PM to close the day.

Auditorium Performance Schedule for Winterfest

Here is a listing of the Winterfest performance times for the larger groups.  These will, for the most part, take place in the FVL Auditorium, with the exception of the FVL Jazz Ensemble.  Notice that the Concert Winds will be performing at Noon.

11:30         FVL Symphonic Band
12:00         FVL Schools Band (Concert Winds meet at 11:15 in the band room)
12:45         FVL Men's Choir
1:00            St. Peter, Freedom Church Choir
1:15            FVL Women's Choir
1:30            Riverview Junior Choir
1:45            Shepherd of the Valley Junior Choir
2:15            FVL A Cappella Choir
2:30            BASKET BIDDING ENDS in the large gym
2:45            FVL Jazz Ensemble (Commons Stage)
3:15            FVL Choraliers

12:40 - 1:10       Fox Folk Marionettes (performance in the large gym) - Always a big hit with the younger kids!

In addition to this schedule, there will be food and small group entertainment in the FVL Commons, a silent auction in the large gym, and piano music in the large gym.  The entertainment is "come and go as you please", so feel free to stay for the afternoon and enjoy some amazing performances by our FVL Schools Band members, area choirs, and students from Fox Valley Lutheran HS.

Tickets are $3 in advance and $4 at the door. Students 11 and under are free. All proceeds benefit the FVL band and choir programs.  All members of the Concert Winds will be admitted free to the event with their FVL Grade School Pass.

Volunteer Request for Winterfest

Jodi Slominsky is coordinating the Hot beverage table for Winterfest through the FVL Schools Band Program.  She is looking for volunteers high school age or older to help with the sale of coffee and hot chocolate. The work is not difficult, so no special skills are necessary. Jodi would like two people at the table from 11-4 and maybe some help, if needed, for clean up afterwards. If any parents or older siblings could volunteer an hour or two of your time it would be greatly appreciated. We prefer no small children at the table with you while you are volunteering due to the danger of cords and very hot liquids.

Jodi can be contacted at jamdds1997@gmail.com or 920-594-1946.  Ideally shifts will be 11-1, 1-3, 3-cleanup. Please let Jodi know which shift you would like. Times can be flexible as needed. Thank you in advance for your help and we look forward to working with you on Sunday the 25th!





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