Parent Meeting and First Rehearsal Saturday, September 13

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Your FVL Schools Band parent committee and the directors are very excited for the lessons and rehearsals to begin, and look forward to a year of rehearsing and performing beautiful music!  More important than the music we make will be the opportunity to use our God-given gifts to their fullest potential, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of belonging to such a wonderful musical family.

You may have noticed on earlier versions of the FVL Schools Band rehearsal and performance schedule that we intended to have a "Family Welcome Picnic" this coming Saturday following our rehearsal.  Due to several scheduling conflicts beyond our control, we will not be holding that event.  Our goal is to have some sort of activity at a date to be determined.  Therefore, all band students and parents will be free to go after rehearsal and after you have received your Fund Raising packet.

We will be holding an FVL Schools Band Parent meeting on Saturday, September 13.  The meeting will begin at 8:30 and will conclude by the time rehearsal is over at 9:45.  If we get done early, you will have the opportunity to visit the band rehearsals.  It is our goal that as many parents as possible attend this meeting. We know that there are lots of questions as we begin the new year, especially for our large group of new parents and students.  The meeting will take place in the Phy Ed classroom, which is on the lower level.  Go to the FVL kitchen (under the stairway) and go to the right down the hall.

On the parent meeting agenda, in no particular order, will be the following topics:

  • Brenda from Hansen's Fundraising will give information about the Fall Fundraiser.  Packets will be given to you or the students on this day as well.  We will explain further any questions you may have about the fund raiser, and you will find out how a percentage of funds you raise will go directly toward your individual FVL Schools Band fee account.
  • We will go over the rehearsal and concert schedule for the year and provide time to answer questions you might have.
  • The Parent Committee, led by President Kristine Keller, will inform you about the volunteer opportunities for the year (Some committee positions are still open), as well as other areas in which you can assist.
  • You will be given a "tour" of the FVL Schools Band website and what it has to offer.  The website will be the primary source for information - your "One Stop Shop" for all things FVL Schools Band!

We will be starting the individual band lessons at each school this next week (September 15-19).   A link to the lesson schedule can be found in the "Calendar" tab and also under the "Registration/Documents" tab. Your school principals are working on the individual lesson times at each school.  If you are renting an instrument from FVL and do not yet have the instrument, Mr. Kramer or I will deliver that instrument on the first day of lessons at your school.  We will also have these instruments available at FVL this coming Saturday if your child is attending the rehearsal. Please be sure that your band student remembers to bring to school his/her instrument and lesson book next week on the proper day.  New students will be given their lesson books at their first lesson or at the Saturday rehearsal.

We hope to see you on Saturday, September 13!

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