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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our Fall Fundraiser will be starting on September 13.  Students will receive their packets at the rehearsal.  If students are not in attendance at the rehearsal, they will receive their packets at their lesson the following week.

Hansen's is a completely full service fundraising business located right in Green Bay. They've been helping organizations, youth groups, and schools over the past 40 years - in over 28 states - raise funds for their various needs.  The FVL Schools Band Program is very happy to have Hansen's back again this year for our Fall Fundraiser!

This fundraiser is also a great way to reduce your FVL Schools Band fees for the year.  50% of the funds you raise will go to the FVL Schools Band Program to help fund needed materials such as music and instruments, and 50% of the funds you raise will go directly to your individual accounts!

Go to Hansen's Handout to see a one-page summary of our Fall Fundraiser.  The students will be receiving this handout with their packets on Saturday, so you do not need to print this PDF.

Following is a bit more information from Hansen's describing what they have to offer.

Food Product Programs:
Hansen Foods is the "hottest" seller offering over 30 delicious pizza products, appetizers, and desserts.  We manufacture our own nationally recognized, high quality pizza items.  We also offer other excellent food products including, easy-to-do cookie dough, soup and dip mixes, Wisconsin-made cheese, sausage, chocolates, etc…

Catalog Programs:
Hansen Foods has a wonderful variety of top selling catalogs offering 40% to 50% profit, featuring hundreds of items, including gifts, gift wrap and ribbon, snacks, candy, greeting cards, candles, flower bulbs, and much more!

You can learn more about Hansen's at their website at Hansenfoods.com.


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