Beginner Band Camp a success!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Our second annual beginner band camp is now completed.  It was an amazing two days of getting to know a little about our band instruments and getting to know our new band family members!  We had 30 new band students take part in the camp, and about a dozen FVL student helpers and adults.  I want to thank all of the beginning students for their enthusiasm with their new instruments and their willingness to accept the coaching and instruction from the helpers.  They accomplished some amazing things!  Those first few lessons in September will now be MUCH easier for the students who attended.  If at all possible, the new band students should try to review techniques learned at the camp and play through some of the exercises that we worked on.  It would be most beneficial if they ONLY try to do what was done at the camp, and refrain from trying to go farther into the books.  They may be very excited, but at the same time it may be frustrating to try to do more than they are ready for at this point.

A special thanks also goes out to the parents who assisted with the registration and checking in at the camp, as well as those that assisted with the snacks for the two days!

The beginning students were also instructed to TALK TO THEIR FRIENDS at school about beginning on an instrument once school begins!  I know there are several beginning students who were not able to attend the camp.  NO WORRIES!  The camp was not mandatory, so all new students are still welcome to register.

If you have any questions regarding beginning band, please contact Mr. Neujahr at FVL at 920-739-4441 x5160 or

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