FVL Schools Band Program Handbook

The Handbook contains information for students and parents about the musical opportunities and obligations associated with the FVL Schools Band Program.  It is to be used as a guide for handy reference throughout the year.  It is our desire that parents and students take the time to become familiar with the information that is contained in this handbook.

In the handbook you will find information about our directors and their contact information, the objectives of our program and which schools participate, information for parents and students such as Saturday rehearsal schedules and procedures, what to wear for concerts, and so on.  You can access the Handbook HERE or by going to the "Registration/Documents" or the "Links" section of this website and selecting the link for "FVL Schools Band Program Handbook".  There you will find a printable PDF version of the Handbook.

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Welcome Back to School!

I pray that your summer has been enjoyable!  I am confident the Lord will richly bless our students, school staff and families as we provide a Christian education firmly grounded in the Wisdom of God's Word.  FVL is enjoying our first full week of school.  I am very excited for the new year, as I'm sure you are as well!

Now that we are about to begin the 2014-2015 school year, I wanted to post a brief update with some information regarding the FVL Schools Band Program.  I'm sure the start of another school year brings a lot of excitement to your homes, and also brings many opportunities for your children to participate in school activities, athletics, co-curricular activities, and of course - BAND!!!!!

The band's website has a few main tabs, just as last year.  You can see them on the left hand side of the homepage.  The tab for "Director's Updates" will have the weekly announcements and updates, so that is a tab you will want to check out often.  Note that you will need to use your browser's "Back Button" to navigate back to the homepage from this page.  Under "Registration/Documents" you will find the registration information, as well as links to the registration form and other documents, such as the fees, calendar, and the updated FVL Schools Band Handbook.

We have had a very good response for registrations so far, including many new band families!  However, families who have not done so will still need to register for the FVL Middle School Band program via our website.  Go to "Registration/Documents" and then click on the link to "FVL Schools Band 2014-2015 Registration Form."  It is important that families register as soon as possible because lesson schedules can not be created and firmed up until all families have done so.  It will only take a few moments to register.  If you can't remember if you have filled out the online form, you can contact me and I will let you know, or you can fill it out again.  If I have duplicate registrations, I will simply delete the older form and keep the most recent.

It would also be a good idea to let your school's principal know if you will be taking band lessons this year.  All principals were sent an email this past week with the current registration list.  They will be working on their lesson schedules, so it is vital that they know who is in band so the lesson schedules can be accurate.

If for some reason you will not be continuing with our FVL Schools Band Program, I would appreciate an email just so that I know your status.

You will find the calendar for the year on our "Calendar" tab.

Our first Saturday rehearsal will be September 13.  Cadet Band (beginning students) and the Concert Winds (all returning students) will both rehearse on that day.  Rehearsals begin at 8:15 and conclude by 9:45 AM.  We will likely begin the lesson schedule the week of September 15 if lesson schedules can be firmed up at each school.  Otherwise, we will begin lessons the following week.  Look for an announcement at your school and on the "Director's Updates" page of the FVL Schools Band website.

Thanks so much for your continued support of our FVL Schools Band Program!


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Beginner Band Camp a success!

Our second annual beginner band camp is now completed.  It was an amazing two days of getting to know a little about our band instruments and getting to know our new band family members!  We had 30 new band students take part in the camp, and about a dozen FVL student helpers and adults.  I want to thank all of the beginning students for their enthusiasm with their new instruments and their willingness to accept the coaching and instruction from the helpers.  They accomplished some amazing things!  Those first few lessons in September will now be MUCH easier for the students who attended.  If at all possible, the new band students should try to review techniques learned at the camp and play through some of the exercises that we worked on.  It would be most beneficial if they ONLY try to do what was done at the camp, and refrain from trying to go farther into the books.  They may be very excited, but at the same time it may be frustrating to try to do more than they are ready for at this point.

A special thanks also goes out to the parents who assisted with the registration and checking in at the camp, as well as those that assisted with the snacks for the two days!

The beginning students were also instructed to TALK TO THEIR FRIENDS at school about beginning on an instrument once school begins!  I know there are several beginning students who were not able to attend the camp.  NO WORRIES!  The camp was not mandatory, so all new students are still welcome to register.

If you have any questions regarding beginning band, please contact Mr. Neujahr at FVL at 920-739-4441 x5160 or jneujahr@fvlhs.org.

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Welcome to the new FVL Schools Band Website!

Hello and welcome to the FVL Schools Band family!  We are very excited to launch our new website, where you will be able to find new information, calendar updates, and useful FVL Schools Band documents.  This site will be your "one stop shop" for everything you need!  Be sure to check this area often, as we will be posting new updates and announcements regularly.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact James Neujahr, the FVL High School and FVL Schools Band Director.

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