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Friday, October 24, 2014

Rehearsal on Saturday, October 25

We will again have rehearsal this Saturday.  This is our fifth rehearsal as we prepare for our November 23rd concert.  The Concert Winds have been sounding very good in our recent rehearsals!  Both Mrs. Nogar and I are excited for the upcoming performance.  Mr. Kramer also has great things to say about our Cadet Band members.  Each week shows steady progress as we prepare for our first performance of the year.

The FVL Schools Band schedule listed October 25 as the day for selecting Solo music for the 7th and 8th graders.  After consulting with Heid Music, we moved the date for solo selection to November 8.

Remember that there will be no rehearsal on Saturday, November 1 due to that being the weekend of Teacher's Conference.

There will also be no Director's Update posted next week.

Rehearsals leading up to our November concert will be on the following Saturdays:

Ocotber 25
November 8, 15, 22
November 23 - Fall Concert

Our Fall Concert will begin at 6:00 PM, and not 6:30 as it shows on our schedule.

Welcome to new band students

Two students have recently joined the FVL Schools Band Program!  We welcome Trevor Hintz, who plays baritone saxophone in the Concert Winds.  He is an 8th grade student who recently transferred to St. Peter, Freedom.  Also a warm welcome to Matthew Steffens, who will be starting lessons on Bass Guitar, and will be a member of the Cadet Band.  He is a 6th grader at Mount Olive, Appleton.

7th and 8th Grade Solo Music

On Saturday November 8, the 7th and 8th grade band students will have the opportunity to browse and purchase music from the WSMA solo list.  The music will be on display in the FVL Commons. This music will be played on Saturday, March 7, at the WSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival which will take place at Waupaca High School.  Individual performance times will not be known until about two weeks in advance.  Mr. Kramer and Mr. Neujahr will help the students prepare their music during their weekly band lessons.

Many of the solos on the WSMA list are also included in SmartMusic!  You may want to consider purchasing a solo that is in SmartMusic, as Mr. Kramer and Mr. Neujahr will be able to use the program during the student's lesson to aid in the learning process.  For families that have SmartMusic at home (refer to our SmartMusic Post from the October 11 update), your students will have the ability to practice with the rehearsal tools that are available.  Tools include having the ability to slow down the tempo of the accompaniment, recording "takes" so the student can listen to what they sound like, and having SmartMusic tell them what was played correctly or incorrectly by using the Assessment feature.  SmartMusic can also be used as the Accompanist on the day of the solo festival, so it would eliminate the need for an actual pianist.

Most solos are priced in the $5-10 range.  Some solos, especially those contained in a book with several solo selections, will be priced higher.  The students will need an original, published piece of music for themselves and another for the adjudicator - this means they will need to purchase TWO COPIES OF THE SOLO, unless an additional adjudicator copy is included with the solo.  Photo-copied music is not allowed at WSMA solo festivals.  The students should bring cash to the rehearsal, or parents can pay with a check.  Music should be purchased on Saturday.  If you may have difficulty sending money with the student, please speak with Mr. Neujahr and arrangements can be made to pay later.  We will keep track of any IOU's.

If a second copy of the solo is not available and needs to be ordered, Mr. Neujahr will take care of ordering what is needed.  Students should pay for both copies right away, and when the music arrives it will be handed out either at the student's lesson or on the first available Saturday.

The Cadet Band and the Concert Winds will still have a regular rehearsal on this day.

Mr. Neujahr's and Mr. Kramer's lesson schedule revised for October 27-29

Due to Mr. Neujahr attending the State Music Conference in Madison on Wednesday through Friday, October 29 - 31, and the need to do administrative work for the upcoming Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin 2015 season and recruitment information, he will not be giving lessons on Monday, October 27 through Wednesday, October 29.  There is no school on Thursday, October 30 and Friday, October 31 due to the state Teacher's Conference.  Likewise, there is also no band rehearsal on Saturday, Novembrer 1.

Mr. Kramer will also have a slightly revised schedule for next week.  On Monday, October 27, he will have lessons at Immanuel, Greenville as normal.  However, on Tuesday, October 28, he will have lessons at Trinity, Neenah, and St. Peter, Freedom (his "Thursday" schools).  Mr. Kramer will not be giving lessons at Bethlehem, Hortonville or Emanuel, New London next week.

Concert Dress for the November 23 concert

So that you have adequate time to prepare, here is a summary of what our students need to wear for our concert in November (Both Cadet Band and Concert Winds):

Ladies should wear black dress shoes, black socks or black hose, full length black pants (not faded), and a white button blouse with long sleeves. No tennis shoes, leggings, or capri style pants. Do not wear black skirts.

Gentlemen should wear black dress shoes, black socks, black belt, black pants (not faded), and a white dress shirt.

The Cadet Band members will wear a sweater vest for their performances. The vests will be handed out prior to and collected immediately following the concert.

Concert Winds members will receive a vest and bow tie before their performance.  Vests and bow ties will be handed out prior to and should be returned immediately after the concert.


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