FVL Boys Hoops Club Tournament Team Overview


Goals and Focus

  1. Strong focus on learning how to play the game of basketball with the character, attitude, leadership and discipline of a child of God.
  2. Strong focus on building relationships with and getting to know students from other WELS grade schools.
  3. Strong focus on introducing the fundamentals, skills, offenses and defenses used in the FVL program.
  4. Strong focus on developing a love for the game of basketball.
  5. Participation on one of our tournament teams is purely optional and is not a requirement for nor will it ensure a player a spot on one of our FVL high school basketball teams. However, it is an opportunity for participants to continue to work on their basketball skills and athleticism.

Eligibility and Selection

  1. Since this program is an extension to our LES, if a player is ineligible for his LES team due to poor grades or disciplinary issues, he will also be ineligible to participate on the Tournament Team.
  2. All players who attend the Skills Academy and indicate they would like to be considered for and intend to or are considering to attend FVL are eligible to be considered for these teams.
  3. There will be a single 10-12 person Tournament Team for each grade 5th through 8th.
  4. Players will be selected based on the attitude, effort and ability they show during the fall Basketball Academy.
  5. A team of coaches participating in the fall Basketball Academy will select the players for the team shortly after the final session.


  1. Weekend tournaments require travel to other schools in Wisconsin.
  2. The season will typically begin in early November and end in late March.
  3. All players on the team will suit-up for the FVL and Badgerland Tournaments.
  4. Typically 8 Players will suit-up for the remaining 5-7 tournaments with each player attending a minimum 4 tournaments.  Some players will attend more tournaments based on a number of factors which would include but are not limited to attitude, effort, and ability.


  1. Coaches will serve as an extension and promote the mission of FVL and FVL Schools, which is to provide students/players with a Christ-centered experience that prepares them for lives of service now and for eternity.
  2. The Varsity Head Coach will interview and select coaches who meet the values and skills requirements of the FVL Boys Hoops Club.

Playing Time

  1. Playing time will not always be equal during games, but in an effort to ensure each participant playing time in each tournament, the roster has been reduced to 8 players (with the exception of the State and FVL tournaments).
  2. All players will play in each game with the potential exception of the State and FVL tournaments due to a full roster of 12.
  3. At the State Tournament, the coaches will strive to get playing time in the tournament for all players.  There may be situations where a player does not play in one or more games. If a coach believes this may be the case, they will reach out to the parents ahead of time.
  4. In an effort to help players improve their skill level and develop confidence, coaches will strive to put players into situations where they have the best opportunities to achieve success.


  1. Practice will be held 1 to 3 times a week depending upon the time of year and gym availability.
  2. Practices will most likely be held at FVL or one of our WELS grade schools.
  3. Playing on these teams is a privilege and requires a commitment.  All players are expected to attend practices unless the below priorities conflict with a practice.  If a situation occurs where a player cannot make a practice, the player is expected to notify the coaches in advance.  Unexcused absences may impact playing time.


  1. The FVL Boys Hoops Club is not a replacement for the LES experience.  It is expected that all players will also participate for their local LES.
  2. It is our policy that the Hoops Club events take a back seat to any church and grade school commitments.  Participating in a tournament should not happen at the expense of worshiping in church as a family, singing in church, participating on an LES sports team, or any other school commitments.