FVL Boys Hoops Club Philosophy

Fox Valley Lutheran H.S., in partnership with families and Federation churches, provides students with a Christ-centered education, preparing them for lives of service now and for eternity.

FVL Mission Statement

Fox Valley Lutheran H.S. offers co-curricular activities to complement its formal classroom educational programs. It is only natural that they should then also provide students with a Christ-centered experience that prepares them for lives of service now and for eternity.


Therefore, we as coaches need to help our athletes, as well as each other, to grow in our dedication to God's word and His ministry (Sanctification), as well as to work constantly on developing character, attitude, leadership and discipline. As coaches, we know the value of these qualities; we know they are part of successful marriages, families, excellence on the job and relationships with other people. As coaches, we must teach these qualities to our players at all times and under all circumstances.

Let it be our goal that we always encourage our athletes to strive for excellence, not only on the court but also in every aspect of their lives. Excellence is represented by each of the qualities listed above. It is important to know that our program promises no wins. We only promise to pursue those qualities that will carry our players to success in their "lives of service now and for eternity."

Coaches, be sure that the direction of our program centers upon the proper values. God, family, school, peer relationships, and other similar relationships must come before basketball. Make no mistake, we want success, we strive for excellence in everything. However, at FVL success and excellence are measured using a different scaleā€¦ Have we, through the sport of basketball, given our athletes a Christ-centered experience that prepared them for lives of service now and for eternity?

"Do all things to the glory of God."
- I Corinthians 10:31