FVL Boys Hoops Club and our Federation

The FVL Boys Hoops Club is meant to be an extension of and complementary component to our LES system. It is our policy that FVL Boys Hoops Club takes a back seat to any church and grade school commitments, whether it's church, singing in church, sports, school commitments or anything else. If Sunday worship isn't possible due to a tournament, we strongly encourage parents to plan ahead and seek other opportunities for worship. This is a great opportunity for parents and coaches to reinforce the importance of proper spiritual priorities. We are truly blessed that in this area where there are opportunities for worship on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

If your son is scheduled to sing on a Sunday morning, that is his top priority. Because our teams consist of players from so many different congregations, we will be able to play a game even if there are a couple of players missing on a Sunday morning. The Tournament Coordinator will strive to schedule most tournaments on Saturdays.