FVL Boys Hoops Club Conflict Resolution Policy

Unfortunately, in a sinful world, conflicts may arise. God's word in Matthew 18:15ff commands that such conflicts are to be settled through proper communication between the people involved. The following steps outline the approved method for handling such conflicts:

1. Emotions may run high after a game, if there is a concern, please take 24 hours and pray on it. Often reflection, time and prayer will lesson or alleviate the concern.
2. For those who have a concern after 24 hours, you must first attempt resolution with the person with whom there is the dispute (coach, etc.)
3. If no resolution can be reached, the FVL Boys Hoops Club Chairman may be contacted to seek further resolution. If the Chairman is contacted before the issue has been addressed with the individual, out of Christian love, he will redirect the conversation back to that person. A 3-way conversation can be held if needed.
4. If after that consultation no resolution can be reached, the issue may be brought to the FVL Boys Hoops Club Advisory Board for further resolution.

The FVLHS Administration will not be involved in dispute resolution.