FVL Boys Hoops Club Advisory Board

Be Positive, Work Hard, Serve one Another

The FVL Boys Hoops Club Advisory Board is in place to organize and support the various aspects of our FVL Boys Hoops Club program. As a group, they will evaluate the program annually and make changes as needed to ensure it is meeting the stated Hoops Club goals and mission. They are also responsible to determine the best course of action if problems or situations occur within the program. All programs are annually evaluated with changes made so that we can best serve the youth and parents of the FVL federation. We encourage you to support our programs and welcome any suggestions you have to help us maximize our ability to serve our families.


Nick Karbula (FVL Varsity Boys' Coach)

 Oversees and orders equipment for the FVL Boys Hoops Club.
 Interviews, selects and trains coaches who meet the values and skills requirements.
 Makes coaching changes in the best interest of the program.
 Sets up initial Saturday practice schedule.
 In charge of the yearly FVL Tournament.
 Makes sure somebody is present to open the FVL gym and get out equipment for weekend practices and make sure it is locked up after practices.
 Help tournament team coaches reserve the FVL gym for nonSaturday practices.


Jill Hagen

 Cuts checks and makes deposits as is necessary.
 Keeps a basic financial log and provides a yearly report to Advisory Board members.
 Completes and fills out paperwork to meet criteria for keeping the FVL Boys Hoops Club unincorporated.


Tournament Coordinator
Paul Knoll

 Coordinates and schedules the 5th -8 th grade tournament schedule.


Uniform Coordinator
Norma Gerhardt

 Assists the chairman in sizing and ordering uniforms when needed.
 Oversees the distribution of uniforms to players at the beginning of the tournament season.
 Oversees the collection of and inventory uniforms at the end of each tournament season.


LES Liaison
Dave Johnson

 Relays important information to our federation grade schools at their athletic meetings.
 Is the go to guy if the Hoops Club has questions or concerns regarding our federation schools.
 Is the go to guy for our federation schools if they have questions or concerns regarding the Hoops Club.
 Helps tournament team coaches find practice facilities for nonSaturday practices when the FVL gym is unavailable.