FVL Boys Hoops Club Basketball Academy Overview

The FVL Boys Hoops Club hosts Basketball Academies to serve all interested 3rd through 12th grade boys.  Generally, the school year academy sessions will be to serve those students in grades 3-8 while the summer academy sessions will be intended to serve the high school students.

Goals and Focus

1. Strong focus on learning how to play the game of basketball with the character, attitude, leadership and discipline of a child of God.
2. Strong focus on building relationships with and getting to know students from other WELS grade schools.
3. Strong focus on teaching and developing basketball fundamentals and skills.


1. All 3rd through 12th grade boys who have interest in or are attending FVL High School.


1. The FVL boys' varsity coach will be in charge of planning the FVL Boys Hoops Club Basketball Academy.
2. The FVL Boys Hoops Club Tournament Team coaches will support the FVL boys varsity coach.
3. We will be asking for a few parents to volunteer to serve as additional instructors.  Training will be provided.
4. During sessions where it is compliant with WIAA rules, current FVLHS boys basketball players will be assisting.
5. Dave Johson (LES Liaison) will be leading the sessions.


1. These sessions will be designed to build skills needed to be a strong basketball player and great teammates.  Each session will contain skills and drills work and will typically end with a series of short games for the older players.
2. Each participant will receive a FVL Boys Hoops Club Basketball Academy T-Shirt with their name on the back.
3. Each year, the FVL Boys Hoops Club will offer a Basketball Academy which will begin in September and continue through October.  Most will be 1.5 - 2 hours long and will be divided into 3rd-4th, 5th-6th and 7th-8th age groups.


1. Each player in grades 5-8 will receive written feedback at the end of the Academy detailing their strengths, development areas and progress.
2. For those who wish to be considered for the FVL Boys Hoops Club Tournament Teams, these sessions will be used for selection.